Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Jupiter retrograde in Pisces 29 Jul – 24 Nov 2022

Jupiter is going retrograde in Pisces on 29th of July and will become direct again on 24th November. During this entire retrogression Jupiter will remain in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra and will also receive Saturn’s third aspect. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra is ruled by Saturn.

Before I begin my analysis, let’s remember here we are exploring the retrogression of the planet of hope, optimism and prosperity in the natural house of spirituality, loss and expenditure. Uttara Bhadrapada is the nakshatra of spiritual growth, it does not have much to do with materialistic gains. Therefore the underlying energy of Jupiter’s retrogression in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra is about refinement of spirituality, re-discovering one’s inner faith, a very active subconscious mind and about letting go. It has nothing to do with gains from stock market, rather to be honest, there can be loss there. Pisces along with spirituality also shows expenditure, loss, going away and foreign places.

Watch it on YouTube: https://youtu.be/eFUJMveP9Ik

Whenever, a planet goes into retrograde mode, it becomes extra powerful due to its proximity to the earth and increase in Chestha Bal, i.e. it tries harder to get results. Now being powerful does not always mean being beneficial. It essentially means that in retrograde motion its natural significations are not manifested in a normal way, but it tries harder to manifest it and repeated trials can be there too. The same principle applies to Jupiter as well. However, being a naturally benefic planet, Jupiter always brings some positivity in some form or the other. This transit will be beneficial if placed in the right houses for you.
Now coming to some interesting thoughts that occurred to me while I was writing this article. Note one thing here, Jupiter is heavily under influence of Saturn and the outcome is so in sync with Saturn’s own retrogression back in Capricorn. Saturn there is giving us the final opportunity to realign our life and Karma to the righteous and disciplined path; put in sincere, hard work and get the rewards, no frills attached. Retrograde Jupiter being in Saturn’s nakshatra and aspected by Saturn in the highest of the moksha houses is asking us to review our innermost thoughts, to face our innermost fears, and let go of whatever is pulling us back, to find the right path for ourselves. Both are working in sync and both are nudging us in the same direction so that we find the true purpose of our life. How beautiful is that! However, it is a highly transformative energy and quite overwhelming too. The impact of this energy is going to curve a very different path for many of us when the retrogression gets over in November this year. These four months are very crucial, particularly the months of September and October. The question is are you ready for it?

Let us now find out what you can expect from this retrogression of Jupiter in general.
In general this retrogression along with Saturn’s aspect on it will cause delay in getting the positive results. There can be a dip in the overall happiness factor and optimism. Setbacks in finances, restrictions on foreign travel can be there, alternatively you may need to re-evaluate your plans for foreign travel and higher education in foreign universities. High expenditure will be there. This will be a phase to analyse where your money is going and take necessary measures to check the outflow. Some error in judgement can be there, lack of wisdom can prevail too. The period between 10th September and 2nd October is crucial in this regard, because then the planet of common sense and intelligence Mercury will also be retrograde along with Jupiter and Saturn. Overall this phase is good for spiritual awakening for the right kind of people. Your subconscious will be very active, your intuition will be high; some of you may even receive messages or solution to your problems in your dreams. You will be more inclined to spend in charity or on auspicious events in the family or on buying property. You will also get to know who is secretively working against you. Health issues can increase with chances of hospitalisation. Relationship with your father, with the husband or with your children needs care. In some cases their health will also need care.

Now coming to the sign-wise predictions. You need to analyse the promises of your own chart and dashas before you come to a conclusion.

Jupiter is going retrograde in your 12th house. It is time to review your inner belief, your expenses and your true purpose of life. Property related matters can be beneficial. You may invest in property too. Chances of foreign travel, visiting places of spiritual interest can be there too. Some instability in work front can be there. Health and close relationships need care.

Jupiter retrograde in your 11th house indicates that there can be unpredictable outcomes if you are in shares and stock market, be very careful with new investments. Short travels can bring good outcomes. This will be a good time for your siblings. Married life looks very good. Marriage is also a possibility for some of you.

Jupiter turning retrograde in your 10th house shows that you will need to evaluate your professional life. New job opportunities can knock at your door. Put in your best effort in the work place, avoid conflicts with the seniors. Your financial situation will improve. Peace at home will be there. Property matters will be positive.

Jupiter is the lord of your 9th house and going retrograde there. This essentially means reversal of luck factor. If you have plans for expansion in business or plan a long distance travel, think through carefully. Short travel will be alright. Father’s health can cause concern. This is a good period for studies, your creative side and for your children.

Jupiter turning retrograde in your 8th house is not very favourable for you. It shows that you need to be careful regarding your health. Journeys to far off places can be there. However, remain cautious during journeys. A lot of expenditure can be there. Buying a car or a house is also possible. Maintain good relation with your spouse’s family and also with the spouse. Work front looks a bit shaky.

Jupiter’s retrogression is taking place in your 7th house. Married life, business partnership both will need attention, try to avoid conflict. Business ventures can slow down. Take good care of your health and your position in the society. There will be delay in fulfilment of desires or professional ambitions.

Jupiter is turning retrograde in your 6th house. Some issues may crop up in the work front. Keep good relation with your colleagues. On the positive side you may also change job. Avoid taking loans. Foreign journeys can be there. Expenses will be high. Try to avoid conflicts with the spouse.

Jupiter’s retrogression in your 5th house cautions you about your investments. This is not the time for making quick money. Children related matters can keep you worried. This is a good time for students and for higher studies. Employed people may see unfavourable changes in the work front. Take decisions after weighing all options.

Jupiter’s retrogression in your 4th house shows that you should take all decisions related to property very carefully. Change of residence can be there. Put in extra effort to maintain cordiality with your close relatives. Mother’s health can cause worry. A promotion or a better job can be there. Health needs care.

Jupiter is turning retrograde in your 3rd house. This will be a phase to review your initiatives and your plans for your venture. Keep your relationship with your siblings and neighbours cordial. If you are planning a trip I suggest holding on for some time. Invest carefully. Married life looks alright. Marriage is also possible for some of you.

Jupiter is going retrograde in your 2nd house. Family and finances will cause some worry. All kinds of financial risks should be avoided. Be very careful about what you say. What you say may actually come true. Career front looks good. Avoid differences with the spouse.

Your sign lord is turning retrograde in your sign itself. Health issues can bother you. Mental anxiety can increase. Going away from home town can be there. Take good care of your finances. This is a productive time for re-looking into your personal growth and spiritual development.


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