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August 2022 Transit Analysis and Prediction

The month of August begins on a highly volatile note with Rahu – Mars exact conjunction on 1st August. Much has been said about this day. We are also witnessing world-wide unfortunate events sparked by Rahu and Mars in the form of natural calamities and also human aggression. It is fire everywhere. I am not reiterating those, but I would request all to remain cautious and exercise restraint. This energy has been building up since July and will be there till the middle of August. It is time to keep our aggressive energy, anger under check. This impact will be felt more by people who have their ascendant or birth Moon near 24 degrees or running Mars or Rahu’s dasha. Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn ascendant and Moon signs need to be more careful about temper, health and relationship. It would be best to avoid all kinds of altercations and conflicts. Do not do anything impulsively or out of momentary rage.

Watch the video on August 2022 : https://youtu.be/bC4tqZ1R9qY

Let’s now talk about Mercury. On the first day of August Mercury moves to Leo. The prince is coming to the house of the king. Mercury is free from combustion and retrogression the entire month and that is very good. It is the time for entertainment, some recovery in the financial sector and straight forward communication. However, Mars’s aspect on Mercury between 10th and 21st August can cause disturbances arising from aggressive communication and ego; Mercury in the sign of Leo aspected by Mars can add to the ego factor too. In the first half of the month we need to take care that we do not get into disputes with friends and relatives. From mid-month Mercury will get wonderful support from a powerful Sun when Sun comes to Leo on 17th August. It is good for education, business and stock market. People in creative fields, sales, marketing and in writing will be benefitted. This transit is also favourable for conceiving a child. It is also the time for some straight talk, putting one’s views in clear and precise manner. Just be careful of sharpness in speech or even aggressive speech. Therefore while being direct is good, we need to mindful of not hurting others by what we say. Anyway, Mercury is the planet of intelligence, common sense. This Mercury is definitely going to prompt people to think with a clear head and use the right discretion. In the third week of August, Mercury will move to his Mooltrikon and exaltation sign Virgo and will get Jupiter’s aspect. This will be a time when some wisdom will dawn upon us and we will be prompted to analyse our actions and behaviour. Business, money and job related matters will be very positive for many of us.

Mars will move on to Taurus on 10th August. This is the beginning of Mars’s long stay in Taurus. Mars here will be a much stabilised, calmer and practical Mars. This will be a good time for doing things that requires patience and persistence. The force of action becomes calmer which is not a bad thing in today’s context. Mars in the natural 2nd house can cause sluggish health and family disputes due to harsh words and temper. So be careful of that aspect. Finances will also need care. After 10th the natural 8th house receives Mars’ 7th aspect. For some of you this can bring money from inheritance, insurance, alimony etc. Tax related matters will also be there. Natural disasters related to fire and water can increase.

Till 16th Sun will be in Cancer. Here Sun is not only completely directionless and powerless, also in opposition with retrograde Saturn. Therefore, it is a difficult time for smooth administration and rules and regulations. The good news is Sun arrives at Leo on 17th August. Before coming he crosses gandanta causing some disturbances, but Sun in Leo is in his full glory, super powerful. This will help in overcoming opposition, winning in competitions, progressing in creative careers and in restoring health. It is a good time for having a baby. It will be a good time for students. People who are in spiritual practices can get an impetus from Sun. Sun here can increase your awareness about self. This can also mean that along with all good things the ego factor will also be high.

Jupiter is retrograde in August and is heavily influenced by Saturn. While it is a good month for charity, for spirituality, it is not that great for health and well-being. I suggest you watch my Jupiter retrograde video to understand how it is working for us. I have discussed in details there. (Link to Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces : https://youtu.be/eFUJMveP9Ik)

Venus in Gemini helps with networking, having good time with friends. Once Venus moves to cancer on 7th it will be a good time for buying property and vehicles, particularly old ones, second-hand ones. You may also feel like getting your vehicle repaired, renovating properties, decking up your home. Now Saturn’s aspect can actually make you declutter your home, your closet. Some of you may choose to practice minimalism as well. Venus in Cancer is a highly emotional Venus. This energy can also prompt you to get rid of some emotional ties from your life. Mind that Ketu is sitting in the natural 7th house of Libra. So, you either be careful about relationships or be prepared to let go. Venus is going to Leo on 31st of August.

On the whole the first week of August can bring disturbances caused by aggressive communication, ego clashes and impulsiveness, but as the month progresses, positivity rises and the energy becomes much calmer to manage. Relationship, partnership matters remain volatile for the entire month. This not only applies to individuals personally, but also applies on a broader scale.





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