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Mars’ Long Transit in Taurus : The Hidden Message

Mars will transit to Taurus on 10th August. This begins Mars’s long stay in this sign. Normally Mars spends about 45 days in one sign, but this time Mars will be in Taurus for straight six months and one week. This is because Mars’s will come back to Taurus in retrograde motion. During this time for a short while Mars will move to Gemini for about a month and begin his retrogression in Gemini and will come back to Taurus to be there till 13 March 2023. It is a very long stay indeed. Mars’s stay in one sign for half a year is a big deal. There has to be something in this sign that Mars needs to fulfil. We will find out what that is.

Prefer to watch the video? Here is the link: https://youtu.be/f2UZkSQGxxI

What is Mars’ energy in Taurus?

It is a more practical than impulsive. Taurus signifies wealth and Mars is the protector. Mars signifies land and Taurus is the asset. Here Mars will try to protect the available resources and the material assets. A feeling of ‘I need to protect my territory, my wealth’ will prevail in people. Mars in Taurus is not a fiery Mars, his energy here is determined, passionate and persistent. Mars’ action and Taurus’ stubbornness will give rise to goal oriented focus. So whatever you are up to, you will make sure to attain what you want in these six months. During these six months passion, sensuality and sexual energy also remain high. It is also a good time for creative pursuits. In the natural second house, the aggression of Mars comes out in the form of direct, tough talk and harsh words. More than weapons, it is the words that can hurt during this period.

What is the Hidden Agenda?

Now I am going to discuss something very important about this transit. Listen to this carefully. Every one and a half years Mars comes to Taurus. So why is this transit so special? Is it only the long duration? Or some secret is hiding in this long transit in Taurus? The answer is this is a highly Karmic energy for all of us. If you note Saturn is retrograde in the 10th house of Karma, Mars activates the 2nd house and in 10 days’ time after Mars moves to Taurus Mercury will move to his exalted sign of Virgo. It is the natural 6th house of Prabdha Karma and Mercury will stay there for really long time, more than two months. So all houses related to our karma and the fruit of the karma are powerfully activated. Secondly, Mars from Taurus will activate the 8th house, again related to Karma created due to our own mistakes. Lastly check Mars’ Mool trikon sign Aries, who is sitting there? None but Rahu, the symbol of our unfulfilled past life desires that has brought us to this world. Rahu in Aries also denotes beginning of a new karmic cycle. Jupiter is in the natural 12th house asking us to resort to spirituality. So all in all, three planets are sitting tight in the Artha Trikon which are also the Karmic houses till the time we learn our lessons and we know that we are paying off our karmic debts. These six months will bring out the deeds of our past lives to the fullest extent. For some it will manifest as severing family ties, for some it is the health issues, for some undesirable professional change, facing setbacks due to some unexpected events and for some complete closure of one Karmic cycle and beginning of a new one.

Impact of the Nakshatras during the transit

Taurus consists of three nakshatras, Krittika, Rohini and Mrigashira. Here I am not going to discuss about Mars’s energy will manifest as he moves through different nakshatras of Taurus.

Mars will be in Krittika till 27th August. As long as Mars will remain in Krittika, the energy will remain aggressive, but it will manifest in a different way in Taurus. Krittika is the nakshatra of warriors and shows determination to achieve goals. Taurus sign further increases the intensity of determination. So Mars, Krittika and adamant Taurus, it is mix for taking hot headed, adamant decisions, use of sharp speech and being goal oriented. It may not be as destructive as being with Rahu in Aries, but the aggression will be there. How will this energy manifest? This aggression, sharpness will be expressed through harsh words. People will use directed and pointed speech, aggressive words in order to dominate the opponents and no one would be willing to budge.

Between 27th August and 24th September, Mars will be in Rohini. Mars again comes back to Rohini on 4th December 2022 and remains there till 25th February 2023. In Rohini Mars’ energy is very independent. You would want to take charge of your life, you would want complete freedom. It is also the energy of creativity. Therefore free flow of creative energy will be seen during this time. Overall this phase is good for people in creative fields, in creative writing and entrepreneurship. However, one should remain careful about taking some impulsive and wrong decision. The need for going solo, the need for becoming independent can prompt you to take some rash decisions. It will also be important to respect other’s opinions. Going by the mythology of Rohini, this phase can bring jealousy or possessiveness in relationship matters.

From 25 February till the end of this transit Mars will be in Mrigashira. Mrigashira is Mars’ nakshatra and it is the nakshatrs of searching for goal in life, soul searching. You can feel like looking for your true call in life. The question in your mind will be “is this really what I want, or should I look for something else?” For some of you this will be a time when you find solution to your problems, find a job that suits you the most, begin a healthcare regime or you may start looking for a partner who can fulfil your needs. This phase will bring change in life’s direction for many. This will be a good time for researchers. The sexual energy and sensuality will remain quite high in this phase

Some Important points and phases of Mars’ Transit

During this transit Mars’s 7th aspect will be on Scorpio. It is a good thing for Scorpio ascendants, but in the natural chart it is the 8th house of sudden natural events. So the possibility of earthquakes and volcanic activities, particularly under the water remains quite high in these six months.
There are certain phases during this transit that are quite crucial. It would be good to take a note of these phases.
a. While being in Rohini and Mrigashira Mars turns retrograde. Mars’ retrograde energy is quite disturbing and difficult to handle. I shall discuss about the retrogression phase separately in another video. This will be the phase when most of the Karmic energy will manifest.
b. Between 16 November and 2nd December there will be three planets in Scorpio opposite to retrograde Mars. These planets are Sun, Mercury and Venus. Moon will also be joining them between 23 November and 25th November. These three days hold the potential for some serious natural disaster.

If you want to know the Moonsign and ascendant wise results, request you to watch the video. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/f2UZkSQGxxI






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