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Saturn in the 7th House of Your Birth Chart

In this article I shall discuss about Saturn’s placement in the 7th house of the birth chart and how it impacts your life if you have it. Please note that these results are only of Saturn’s position in the 7th house from the ascendant, not about what happens when other planets are conjunct with this Saturn or what aspect Saturn is receiving from other planets. The results can change with conjunction and aspects.

If you want to view the video on Saturn in the 7th house in the birth chart the link is here: https://youtu.be/K576Bz75KIY

The 7th house is the house of marriage, partnership, dealing with other people. Your spouse, business partners are seen from this house. It deals with your interaction with everyone else. It is also called the market place. Saturn gets his directional strength here that means he is very potent and powerful when placed in the 7th house. If it is well placed, i.e. placed in his own sign, exalted, or in the friendly sign, you will get the results to the fullest extent.

Saturn is the slowest moving planet and is the delay maker. So the first thing that comes to mind is Saturn in the 7th house can bring late marriage, but it also sustains the marriage. You will try your best to carry on with the marriage as long as you can. So you can expect a long married life with this Saturn provided the 7th house sign it is a good sign for Saturn and Saturn is not retrograde or under malefic influence. If not well placed, or not in good dignity Saturn here can bring marital discord in the form of slowly growing apart from each other because of emotional distance. Separation from the spouse or spouse’s death can also happen. A second marriage is also possible. When Saturn is well placed and owns the good houses in the birth chart, marriage will bring prosperity, wealth and property in your life. The same goes for business partnerships. It will be lucky for you. However, business partnerships are not advisable with an afflicted Saturn in the 7th house.

What kind of spouse can you draw in your life with 7th house Saturn? Your spouse will be a highly disciplined and organised person. He or she will be of serious nature and show a lot of maturity in life. The spouse can also be way older than you. Saturn represents the hair as well. With a directionally strong Saturn here, your spouse will have nice hair. The spouse will enjoy culinary delights and comforts of life. However, spouse’s nature will also reflect the shrewdness and manipulation of Saturn. If Saturn is not well placed in the 7th house, the spouse can have health issues and In the natural chart 7th house is owned by Libra, a dignified Saturn in the 7th can actually make one a good lawyer or even a judge. In some cases, this position of Saturn puts a question mark on the character and integrity of the spouse and also of the native.

7th house is also the house of work related travel. If the Saturn is well placed here you will relocate abroad or to a place far from your birth place during his mahadasha.

Let’s now discuss about Saturn’s aspects from the 7th house. Always note that Saturn’s aspects are harmful. If the sign he is aspecting is his own sign or exaltation sign, the materialistic gains will be there after hard work, but the living significations or soft qualities like people signified by that house or inner qualities get negatively affected by the aspects.

Saturn’s 3rd aspect on the 9th house, can damage your relation with your father, or father’s health can also cause concern. You may face obstructions in higher education or long distance travel. Your religious philosophy can either be staunchly traditional or you just not care about tradition and religion.
With Saturn’s 7th aspect on your ascendant, you are likely to be a tall and lean person. Since the ascendant represents your body and health, Saturn’s aspect on it can bring various kings of physical ailments and can give you a frail constitution. A feeling of melancholy or even depression can be there. It will make you hardworking, but hardships in life also remain. You can lack enthusiasm and also procrastinate. Saturn’s aspect can make you look untidy. Saturn’s aspect can bring down the energy level of a person and can feel weak and tired all the time. It can also make you look older than your real age. Your friends may brand you as a cold and detached person.

Saturn will also look at your 4th house with his 10th aspect. This can hamper you mental peace and can bring restlessness in you. Mother’s health can be severely affected. You may do better if you move away from your birth place and settle elsewhere. If Saturn is a good planet for you, it can bring you property and reputation after marriage. However, lack of peace and a detached feeling or sadness remain there.






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