Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Deepavali Solar Eclipse 25 Oct 2022 – Intensely Karmic and Spiritual

The solar eclipse of 25 October 2022 is happening on Deepavali Amavasya, in the sign of Libra in Swati nakshatra, with Venus’s presence and this is a Ketu eclipse.
The solar eclipse normally indicates energy of renewal and rediscovery or mind and soul after going through some setbacks in the next few months of the eclipse. It is like shedding one’s skin every six months so the better version of oneself can come out. It is always karmic, because Rahu and Ketu are involved. This eclipse is extremely high on the karmic intensity and also on spiritual level because of Sun and Ketu’s involvement. The whole theme is relationship based.

Let me now explain why I am so concerned about this particular solar eclipse. I cannot stress enough how intensely Karmic and significant this one is. This solar eclipse is happening on Deepavali Amavasya and this particular new moon day again adds its own twist to it. On this day the dark or Tamasik energies are highly active. That is the reason Goddess Kali, the destroyer of all the darkness, is worshipped on this day. This eclipse taking place on this particular day focuses on the Karmic energy completely driven by past and present life relationships.
The eclipse is taking place in Venus’ sign Libra which signifies relationship with others, Venus is present there and also getting eclipsed. On the eclipse date there will be four planets, Sun, Moon, Ketu and Venus in Swati, a naksatra of Rahu. Rahu is sitting in Bharani, a Venus Nakshatra. Saturn will aspect the eclipse. It is an eclipse of the debilitated Sun. Although Venus is there to support Sun, it is also combust. The entire energy of this eclipse revolves around Venus, i.e. relationship, partnership, marriage, wealth. Ketu is a separative planet, so is Saturn’s aspect. Are you seeing how many separative energies are working on the eclipse day?
I mentioned in the beginning that the eclipse is happening in Swati Nakshatra. Swati in one hand brings soft, spiritual energy, on the other hand, it is high on desire and at times destructive too. It has the potential to create some deep turmoil in people’s lives and from there awaken the inner spirituality. Ketu and Venus being there and Saturn’s aspect on them essentially indicate decluttering of Kermic relationships, people or influences from your life. Therefore this solar eclipse will work as the bitter pill which can actually heal you in the long run and help you in your soul’s journey. It is an eclipse that has high spiritual impact on people if you are ready for it and spiritual awakening never happens living in the cosy corner of your comfort zone. The next 3 to 4 months will push us out of our comfort zones and the positions of other planets are also complementing the same. Overall it is an intense energy, but if you are passing through a favourable mahadasha and antardasha, it will become easier for you handle this energy.

Let’s now see how each ascendant and Moon sign is going to impacted. This prediction is for the next 3-4 months from the day of the eclipse.

The solar eclipse is taking place in your 7th house of spouse and partners. The eclipse can create a separative energy in your relationships. Churning in the relationship, business partnership can be there in the next 3 to four months. You need to watch how you interact with others. Finances and family will need attention. If you can avoid unnecessary journeys, that will be good. Take care of your health and also your spouse’s health too if you are married. Some of you may need surgical intervention in the reproductive system too. There will be some change in the life of your child or in your relationship with your child. Keep your calm and do not take any impulsive decision around the days of the eclipse and also in the next 3 to 4 months. Some of you may take a final call in relationship matters as well. Swati nakshatra’s influence tells us that you will either get an opportunity to bring balance in the relationships or the unnecessary relationships will go out of your life and a fresh new independent beginning will eventually come. Creatively this will bring a good time and some of you may pursue a creative career going forward.

For Taurus the solar eclipse of 25th October will activate your 6th house. Involvement of Venus, who is also your sign lord, indicates two things. One, your marriage will go through a testing time in the next 3 to 4 months; two you need work on yourself to stay out of conflicts both in personal life and also in your work front. Otherwise you may face difficulties in both areas. This eclipse can take a toll on your health as well. Be careful of heart, chest, stomach or reproductive area related issues if you are prone to those. The energy of this solar eclipse will force you to look after yourself, to respect your body, formulate a healthy routine for yourself and heal. Mother’s health can cause concern. If you are driving, take care. Do not take any big decision on property matters in October and November. One important thing to remember is that the eclipse is happening in Swati nakshatra, the soft yet determined nakshatra of regeneration. Therefore through some unsettling events and some churning you are going to rediscover yourself, a better, healthier and more spiritual version of yourself. For Taurus people who are already spiritually inclined, this would be a good phase to put your heart and soul in to ardent and regular spiritual practices or sadhna.

For Gemini Moonsigns and ascendants the Solar eclipse of 25th October is happening in the 5th house. The energy of re-discovering yourself through learning and creative pursuits is very high. Some blockage in the education and creative pursuits may be there initially, but you will take new initiatives related to education, art, communication, media etc. Some of you will get into a career of teaching and communication. You will see new income opportunities coming up in the next 3 to 4 months. Where you need to exercise caution is your decision making and future planning. Consult the well-wishers and experts of the field. Your bank balance and finances will also need attention. If you invest in shares and stocks, you need to be careful. Some of you may decide to live away from your parental family in the next 3 to 4 months. However, think twice before foreign travel and do not decide anything before mid-November. If you have children, you need to pay close attention to their needs and health. Pregnant women should be very careful. If you are in love you need to stay away from all kinds of differences with the romantic partner. A karmic love relation from the past can reappear in your life, so be careful.

No other Moon sign or ascendant is getting more out of comfort zone than Cancer because of this solar eclipse of 25 October. It can affect your peace of mind and emotional security big time. There may be some turmoil in the domestic situation too. Some of you may decide to change your residence in the next 3 to 4 months. It would be best if you do not take any decision related to buying or selling or renovation of a property in this phase. If you are married, there can be differences with the spouse. Overall there will be quite a bit of transformation in your home front, your comfort zone. Mother’s health can cause worry. Take care of your health, particularly heart, anxiety or depression related matters. Some change in the career will also come. If you are dealing with foreign companies or clients, you need to be careful. There can be trouble with money and savings can erode.

Now your lord is in a debilitated state and getting eclipsed too. Luckily the eclipse is taking place in your 3rd house of self-effort and regeneration. There are quite a few positive aspects of this solar eclipse for you, new ideas, new ventures and new professional initiatives, new career in writing or playing musical instruments are some of these. Ending of some of the work that you have been doing so far is also indicated. This solar eclipse will trigger residence change, relocation and travel for you. At the same time some issue or the other will also pop up. You will have to have patience to overcome those and work towards your plans. Take care of health and well-being and also your larger than life ego. You need to be very careful while interacting with your friends, siblings and neighbours. Do not let ego clash ruin these relationships. Be careful of injuries and accidents.

For you this solar eclipse is impacting your second house of family and wealth. Your sign lord mercury is staying out of this eclipse and is in his ‘own sign’ dignity. Parental family issues may crop up in the next three to four months for you. The eclipse will prompt you to take a stock of your finances. Expenses may go out of hands if you are not careful. You may finally spot the hole which is draining your savings. Father’s health may cause some concern in the next 3 – 4 months. Certain obstacles in higher education and long distance travel may pop up. Some of you may go through mental anxiety, stress related troubles and these can also disturb your sleep. A sudden event can impact your life.

Solar eclipse is happening in your sign and your sign lord Venus is also getting eclipsed. It is an energy of complete regeneration for you. The focus is on self-discovery and health. This eclipse will bring major changes in your ways of life, in your personality, thought process and the way you interact with others in the next 3 to four months. There will be a big shift of energy for you in the next 3 to 4 months. It is a heavy transformation and new beginning for you. Relocation, work related transfer can work out for you. Some of you may face sudden health issues and mental anxiety. Be careful of injuries and accidents too. Income sources may create some trouble initially but later on new sources will open up. If you are a spiritual person, it shows a wonderful time ahead for you.

For Scorpio ascendants and Moon signs the solar eclipse if taking place in the 12th house. You will suddenly find your subconscious is highly active. You may engage in meditation, spiritual practices that are centred around oneness with the universe as it is said in our Upanishads or nothingness as mentioned by Buddha. It is a very high spiritual energy for you if you are ready for it. Otherwise the impact of this solar eclipse can cause anxiety and confusion in your mind in the next 3-4 months. Sleep may get disturbed. Possibility of hospitalisation remains for some of you. You need to keep a tab on your expenses. High expenditure is foreseen. Some of your may do a lot of charity as well. The other impact of this solar eclipse will be on your marriage and business partners. Take care of both the relations if you wish to continue with them. If you are employed, do not let ego hassles come in your way of work.

Sagittarius people can relax a bit. The eclipse is happening in your 11th house. It is far better for you than anyone else, particularly related to money, investment and profession. Initially you may face some obstruction in fulfilling your ambitions and in income, but eventually this solar eclipse will pave ways for multiple sources of earnings for you. If you invest in shares or stocks, you need to be careful. New job opportunities will also come your way, however, please decide after weighing all options. Father’s health can cause worry for you. Your own health will also need attention in the next 3 – 4 months. Do not avoid any stomach related issues. Married Sagittarius people should try to keep cordiality with the spouse. There may also be conflict with a woman colleague at workplace. Elder sister or women friends can face issues in life.

For Capricorn people the solar eclipse is taking place in your 10th house. You can expect a transformation in your professional life in the next 3-4 months. It can mean letting go of one job getting a new one. Your relationship with the boss at your workplace will need careful handling. You also need to take care to maintain your reputation in the workplace and in the society. For some of you work related relocation is a high possibility. Some of you will pursue a career related to art and creativity in the next 3-4 months. Take care of health, particularly of you have heart or chest related troubles. Married life will be moderate if you can keep your temper under check. Love relationship may be a bit disturbed. If you are pregnant, be a bit careful. If you have grownup working children, they may face some health issues and difficulties in job.

Aquarius born people will see the solar eclipse in their 9th house. The first thing that comes to mind is your both patents’ health may need attention in the next 3-4 months. If you are planning a long distance travel or pursuing higher education, some issues may crop up there but those will eventually go away. Travel related to spiritual reasons can take place. Presence of Sun and Ketu alongside Venus and Moon actually indicates a spiritual travel or seeking spirituality while on a journey. This eclipse can actually bring a change in your way of seeing traditional beliefs, your life philosophy. If you are spiritually ready, you will begin to realise the presence of the Almighty who is beyond the boundaries of any religion; if not ready for spiritual wealth, Ketu may just cut you off from your tradition and that is your karmic settlement in the next 3-4 months. Health-wise it is not too bad, some minor issues may be there. Your marriage and spouse’s health can cause some worry.

For Pisces the solar eclipse is happening in the 8th house. Well this eclipse can create several unexpected challenges for you in the next 3-4 months. It would be better if you can take good care of your health. Fever and stomach or heart related issues can be there. For some of you injury or a surgery is also possible. Finances will need care too. If you invest in shares or stocks or any other kind of speculative schemes, additional caution will be required. It would be better to avoid such investments for now. There will be some sudden difficulties in the job front, you may also quit the job. However this will be a good time for astrologers, tarot readers, surgeons, auditors and if you are in petroleum and gas industry. Some differences or even possibility of deception remains in the business. Caution is also required in married life. Overall Pisces Moon signs need to be more careful than Pisces ascendants.



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