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November 2022 Astrology Transit Analysis | Lunar Eclipse November 2022

After a manic October, November brings less number of planetary movements particularly in the second half. Most of the transits are happening in the first half of the month. November has less number of transits, but quite a few intense and complicated ones. Let’s understand the month’s energy.

Till 11th of November, the sign Libra will be crowded with 4 planets in it, Ketu, Mercury, Sun and Venus. This implies that your interaction with others, married life, business partnerships will be the focus areas of life in the first half of the month. Others and also your significant other will demand your attention in some way or the other and this can cause build-up of stress in you. After 11th November planets will move to the natural 8th house one by one. Before the mid-month you would just know where you stand in terms of personal or business partnership, or both.

If you wish to watch the video on YouTube, here is the link: https://youtu.be/s5DkEAVmq_E

After mid-November the natural 8th house becomes super active with Sun, Venus and Mercury in it. Moon joins the trio from 23rd to 25th November. The lord of the 8th house Mars is retrograde, placed right opposite in the 2nd house and is also aspecting the 8th house. These few days between 23rd and 25th November can bring some major natural and man-made calamity which can be related to both fire and water.

An impactful full lunar eclipse is taking place on 8th of November. The energy of this lunar eclipse is as complicated as the recent solar eclipse that happened on 25th October. It is induced by Rahu and happening in the Bharani nakshatra in the sign if Aries. On the opposite side Venus, Sun, Mercury and Ketu are present in Libra. Mars, the lord of Aries, is retrograde in Gemini. Normally the impact of the lunar eclipse is on the emotional, psychological level. The impact of the full eclipse can last up to a month. Just like the solar eclipse the lunar eclipse also has more to do with the mundane astrology, i.e. impacting the geo-political scenario more. However, when the wide-spread larger impacts happen, can individual lives remain unaffected? It cannot. For individuals it is normally seen that on the eclipse day or within a week’s time after the eclipse, some kind of emotional outbursts can happen, pent-up emotions can overflow and health can be affected. This Lunar eclipse will bring positive results for Gemini, Capricorn and Aquarius Moon signs. It will open new professional and financial opportunities for Gemini Moon signs. Aquarius moon signs will feel a new surge of energy for new ventures and short travel can bring gains. Capricorn Moon signs can expect travel, relocation, and a positive transfer at work. Cancer Moon signs can see a change in the professional life and some emotional upheavals both. For some cancer people new professional opportunities will come. Who can get affected the most due to this lunar eclipse? Well, Aries moon signs, because the eclipse is happening in your sign. If you have your natal moon in Bharani, you need to be more careful about health and anxiety related issues. Try to curb your irritability. Next is Virgo Moon sign because the eclipse is taking place in your 8th house. Remain careful of mental anxiety, depression, stress or addiction related issues. Injury can also be there. Libra people also need to remain careful since it is happening in your 7th house and a lot of planets are in your sign. Taurus can face minor mental anxiety and insomnia related troubles, but since you are born with the exalted Moon, it will be easier for you to handle the lunar eclipse energy. I am not really seeing any huge impact on you. For all other Moon signs, the lunar eclipse will have moderate to negligible impact. People with afflicted Moon in the birth chart, irrespective of what the Rashi and Lagna they have, need to be careful about emotional instability and anxiety issues. If you have any planets placed in Aries or Libra near the eclipse degree, it would be better to be cautious.

Next celestial event of the month is Venus’s move to Scorpio on 11th November. You know what, Venus needs a break from all the battering it is going through for a long time. Transit to Scorpio brings Venus out of Ketu and Saturn’s influence but Sun is still breathing down the neck. Venus remains combust during the entire month and Sun joins Venus in Scorpio on 16th. Difficulties in relationship because of ego issues still remain there. The good part is Venus in Scorpio will receive Jupiter’s benefic aspect and that will help to some extent, but let’s not forget that Mars is also looking at Venus. Venus’ transit in the natural 8th house is actually good for buying property, vehicle and connecting with the opposite sex, particularly for men. Overall it is a highly passionate, intense and even obsessive energy. However, drawing strength from Jupiter’s aspect, Venus will survive and will try to provide opportunities to bring back love and passion in relationships if you can keep the ego tussles out of equation. Venus can also bring you property and money from insurance, inheritance, alimony, tax refunds etc. It is a good transit for surgeons. Libra will feel some relief; finances will look up after 11th and passion will be high. Some family matters can still cause tension for you. The other Venus sign Taurus needs to remain careful about marital discord. Some issues related the reproductive or urinary system can bother Taurus people. Keep anger in check.

Mercury moves to Scorpio on 13th November and joins Venus there. On the same day Mars goes back to Taurus in retrograde motion. Mercury will be combust by Sun the whole month. While Mercury’s move to the 8th house is good for money and career, here Mercury will move to its enemy Mars’s Sign. Mars is retrograde and will also aspect Mercury. Jupiter will also aspect Mercury and this will strengthen Mercury. Therefore, expect moderately good results. Between the two Mercury owned signs, Gemini will get better results than Virgo. Although Gemini will also face some struggles in finance and career matters, they will eventually come out victorious. Virgo Moon signs should try to avoid arguments and conflicts.

High concern comes from the retrograde Mars. This is a difficult energy, rather the most difficult energy to handle in November. Aries and Scorpio people need to be extra careful about their health and temperament. In general shimmering anger and frustration can come out in words and communication of people. It would be a good to control how we speak this month, it is not only retrograde Mars, but other planets also prompting harsh interactions among people and can cause loss of some valuable relationships if not careful.

Two very positive events of November are Sun’s move to Scorpio and Jupiter’s direct transit in Pisces. Sun will move to Scorpio on 16th November. One way it is a good sign that the Sun is now out of debilitation and receives Jupiter’s and Mars’ aspect. This is good sign for the government, authority figures and people in power. At the same time, the Sun will move to the natural 8th house. With this move of Sun increase in chronic diseases can increase. However, it will not go out of hands. Mid November onwards will be a busy time for medical professionals. Some hidden secrets can come out. It also denotes under water natural disturbances. Relationships, partnerships will need care. Leo people will find their confidence back. Expect some changes in the professional front. A transfer or work related relocation can happen. Take care of mental peace, health, heart and also mother’s health.

Lastly Jupiter will go direct on 24th. With Jupiter’s direct move you can see increase in foreign travel. Those who have been waiting for travel clearance related to job or higher education, will get it now. Many of you will change jobs. If loan procedures were stuck so long, it will get approved after 24th. Health issues can come and will also get sorted. Expenses will increase for many. Overall it will be a good time for spiritual travels. For some of you there will be an auspicious event at home after 24th November. Pisces ascendants will feel much better and get more benefits than the Pisces Moon signs. Overall Pisces will see positive movements in career. For Sagittarius ascendants and Moon signs this will be a good time for foreign relocation, change of residence, real-estate matters and education. Some of you may need to visit hospitals as well. This begins a good time for spirituality for you.





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