Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

December 2022 Horoscope Predictions for All Moon signs and Ascendants

December is a month when all other planets except Mars are in direct motion. Planets are also out of combustion, meaning planets have gained back their health and ready to give results. There still are certain 6/8 positions of planets in the sky, however, I am not getting into too much of technicality and just touching upon the transits and focusing on the results.

In December Mercury’s transit is something that deserves the first mention. Mercury is literally dancing around. On 3rd he is going to Sagittarius. On 28th Mercury is going to Capricorn. The very next day he is turning retrograde and is coming back to Sagittarius on 31st. The little prince of the zodiac is actually running around like a little boy! Catch me if you can!

If you wish to watch the video on December 2022 Horoscope Predictions here is the link to the YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/S89prP0GnvI

There is no change in the placement of Saturn, Jupiter Rahu and Ketu in December. In the first week of the month Mercury and Venus are going to the natural 9th house. Both are out of combustion. Sun is also out of the 8th house after 16th December. Over all December is a rare relatively positive month in recent times. The only drawback is retrograde Mars in Taurus. It has obstinate and stubborn energy. Here Mars appreciates own point of view only and does not hesitate to do some straight, hard talk. This can bring differences with the family members. Mars will also influence the planets in Sagittarius. Mercury’s erratic movement and retrogression in the last week of the month can bring ups and downs in trade and business. Communication errors or confusion related to travel arrangements can arise as well. Therefore, plan well.

Venus is out of combustion in December. So Venus is gaining his power back and at the same time is being bothered by Mars and Saturn. Jupiter also does not like Venus in his house. The net result being relationship issues still remains there, but Venus will now bring opportunities for higher education, professional achievements, recognition and travel. It is not a good time for marital harmony. Retrograde Mars in one Venus sign and Ketu in the other, are not really helping relationship matters. Otherwise, in December opportunities for passionate enjoyments, religious or entertaining travel will open up for many.

Please note that these analysis and predictions are as per Sidereal Vedic placements, not Western, Tropical astrology. These predictions apply to 12 Moon signs and ascendants. Where the Moon sign results will differ from the ascendant results, I shall mention it separately. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month and remember that your own chart, your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

Your sign lord Mars is retrograde in December. Issues in family matters, and health related troubles can continue to bother you. Injuries cannot be ruled out as well. Try to remain polite and calm when you are speaking. If possible, stay away from all sorts of altercations and debates. Keep your temper under check. Professional progress will be there, however at the same time work related worry may also bother you. After 29th a very positive development can take place in your career and this will carry on in January as well. This can mean a promotion, recognition at the workplace or increase in your social standing. Father’s health can demand attention in December. Expenses will be quite high. Some of the expenses can happen because of charity, religious travel or for travel related to higher education. For some of you the chances of foreign travel will also be there. An auspicious ceremony like a close relative’s wedding can take place at home. If you are married, you need to take care of your marital harmony and also spouse’s health. Your children will do well in studies and in life. If they are of the right age, marriage is also a possibility for them. This is a good month for spirituality.

Your sign lord Venus indicates that December can bring you some unexpected money. It may be from insurance, or from family legacy or tax refunds. Your relationship with your in-laws will need care. Your health will also need care. For some of you there may be chances of injury or a surgery. Retrograde Mars in your sign can make you somewhat aggressive and can also impact your health. Do not take any impulsive decisions. Take care of mental anxiety as well. If you are planning for higher studies and travel it will be fruitful. Professionally this month will be positive. Chances of a promotion or a new better job remains there. Financially December is a good month. Your income will increase. There can be earnings from various sources. You will make new friends and your social recognition will go up as well. Lack of peace in married life can cause concern this month. Your children’s health can cause some worry too. Overall try to stay away from all sorts of conflicts in December.

Your sign lord Mercury is finally out of combustion and for most of the month is placed in your 7th house. December indicates that for some of you, marriage is on the cards. If you are married or in a business partnership, your focus will be on sorting out the differences with your spouse and partners. There will be expenses related to these matters as well. Professionally a very good time operates for you this month. You may get the first job if it applies to you. In general, there will be momentum in career progress. A higher post can be offered to you. Income also increases in December. Some unexpected gain of money can be there through insurance or inheritance. There are a couple of concerns though, one is Saturn in your 8th house and the other being retrograde Mars in the 12th house. Be careful of injuries and accidents. Mental anxiety may also be there. Gemini Moon signs need to be more careful in this respect. Chant or listen to Hanuman Chalisa for overall well-being.

Jupiter, now direct, will bring good fortune and overall prosperity for you. Luck will favour you. A long-distance travel can also happen. Your best planet Mars is retrograde in the house of gains and social connections. There will be good amount of gains in the first week of the month. Thereafter some financial difficulties can be felt. Do not invest in shares or stocks in December. Try to maintain good relation with your friends’ circle and also with professional connections. Pregnant women need to be careful in the first half of the month. Some issues related to your children may bother you, either their health or your relation with them. Health issues can bother you particularly in the second half of the month. However, quick recovery is also indicated. Progress in work will come after some initial struggles. You are going to overcome all competition and opposition and win over your enemies. Some of you may quit the current job as well. Mother’s health can cause trouble. If you are married, you need to avoid all kinds of conflict with the spouse. Ketu is anyway disturbing the domestic peace, Saturn has also been creating coldness in marriage, now Venus will some to the 6th house of conflicts. Therefore, remain patient and avoid disputes. Travel is on the cards for Cancer people.

Your sign lord Sun will be in your 4th house till the middle of the month and then will move to your 5th house. This month is a bit difficult for professional progress. Retrograde Mars is in the house of profession and Sun is looking at it. This can cause ego tussles with the seniors. Chances of quitting the job after a conflict also remains there. For some a promotion or some kind of recognition is on the cards in the second half of December, but that will come only if you do not get into any difficulties in the workplace. Luck may not support you in December, therefore rely more on hard work than on luck. Your prior investments can fetch you profits, but do not go for any fresh investments in stocks or shares. Try to avoid travel this month. You may face difficulties in foreign travel in December. If you are appearing in any competitive examination, you will do well. Health-wise there may be some discomfort in the chest area in the first half of the month. This month some issues related to your children can bother you. Their health can be one of the reasons. In December money from insurance or inheritance can come you.

In December your sign lord Mercury is out of combustion and that is good news. Career-wise December looks like a great month. It would be a month to get recognised for your work. A promotion can also be there. People who are in business, will do exceptionally well. Property matters will be highly favourable in December. Some of you may also buy a new vehicle. Foreign travel can also be there. However, while you are planning travel remain a bit careful of some unexpected happenings. Finances will be abundant this month. If you invest in shares or stocks, gains can be there. Married life looks better than the last month for you. With Jupiter direct now you will enjoy much better understanding with your spouse. However, remain careful of aggressive communication with others, particularly with the family members. Try to put your views in a clear but polite manner. Father’s health can cause concern in December. Mother’s health can also cause worry in the second half of the month. Some issues related to your children can bother you. However, they will make steady progress in life.

Your sign lord Venus is in your second house with Mercury and Sun. Ketu is in your sign. Your situation must have started improving from the last week of November and you will see some more improvements in December, particularly related to finances and career. Your career prospects look good. Any promotion or transfer in job that was pending and got stuck so long, will happen now. If you are thinking of changing jobs, this month can present better opportunities for you. Relocation is also possible for some of you. If you are trying to go abroad, chances are stronger after the first week of December. However, remain a bit careful of disputes in the family. While you are interacting with others try to remain polite. Relationship with your spouse may still be stressful, but there will be some enjoyable and passionate moments too. With retrograde Mars in your 8th house, you need to remain careful of health and well-being. Possibility of fever, blood related troubles, injury or surgery remains there. Drive carefully. However, Jupiter is now direct in your 6th house and that will bring required attention and cure to any health problems. For some of you this may be a time to get a pet.

The month of December begins with three planets, Venus, Mercury and Sun sitting in your sign. Your sign lord Mars is retrograde and aspecting your sign. This increases your confidence, gives a boost to your personality. At the same time, you may be a bit vulnerable to health issues and hot temper. After the first week you will see financial gains. Your sweet, clever and energetic way of talking can fetch financial gains this month. People who invest in shares can book profits too. Expenses will also be high. Expenses will happen for some family related matters, family get togethers. Professionally December will be a moderately positive month. Travel opportunities will be there for many. Your spouse’s health will need special care this month or there may be difficult situations arising in your marriage. Your ego may be pretty high and the spouse may react quite aggressively towards you. Try to remain calm. If you have business partners, the same applies there too. Some disputes may also arise in your parental family. Your children will do well in December. If they have been sick, they will recover well. December is also an excellent month for creative and educational pursuits.

In December your sign lord Jupiter is direct in motion and this is a great news for you. Property related matters will be positive for you in December. You may buy a house or a vehicle. Some of you may change your residence also. There are chances of professional recognition as well. Your work will draw attention of the right people in office. The second half of the month is good for your confidence and prosperity. It increases your authority as well. You will get help from your mentors or from your father. Some of you may meet a spiritual guru. This month will open up opportunities for higher education. Some of you may enrol in a foreign university as well. Health and anxiety related issues can bother you in this month. Your competitors or enemies may try to overpower you. Wedding bells are ringing for the eligible Sagittarius people from the second week of December. Spouse’s health or harmony in marriage will need care in December. If you have children, their health may bother you or there may be some issue related to them. If your mother had not been well, she will feel better this month.

For both Capricorn ascendants and moon signs travel is on the cards. This month can bring relocation, change of residence for some of you. Some of you may change jobs. If you are looking for a job in a foreign country or to a different city or state, it can happen in December. This month you will get support of luck in this matter. If you are in research work this month will bring good news for you. Remain careful while investing money in shares or stocks. Avoid property deals in December. Possibility of marriage is also strong in December for eligible Capricorn people. For married people December looks a bit stressful, but nothing will go wrong. Increase in passion in relationship is foreseen. If you are in love, try to avoid confrontations with the partner. Expenditure will be high in December. Remain careful of health issues. If you have children, their health or temperament may be a matter of concern. Mother’s health can cause worry too. Second half of the month can bring mental anxiety and high expenses.

December will bring professional growth and also promotions to the deserving Aquarius people. Change of job is also indicated. Money-wise December is a good month. Money will come from more than one sources. Some unexpected gains or monetary gain from the ancestral wealth or investment can be there too. Gains from travel and property are also foreseen. However, avoid buying a new property or any home improvement projects in December. For some of you change of residence can be there. Heart patients need to remain careful, particularly till the middle of the month. Married life will give mixed results. Lack of mental peace or domestic peace can be there. Spouse’s health will need attention. If you are in love, the first three weeks will be good. The month of December is good for spirituality. Travel to religious places can be there. December is a month of wish-fulfilment.

For Pisces your sign lord Jupiter is now in direct motion. For Pisces ascendants it is a great news bringing all the positivity and good judgement back in life. There will be a feel-good factor in life. Even for Pisces moon signs it is a relief. The intensity of anxiety and health issues will be less now. The second half of the month will be good for professional growth, but you need to keep the conflicts out of your way on your workplace. Be cordial with the boss. Long term investments will pay off this month. However, do not go for speculation. There are chances of marriage if you are looking to get married. This would also be a good month to plan for a child. Travel is on the cards for many of you. It may be because of work. Spiritual travel can also take place. If you are going for higher studies, December would be a good month for that. Relationship with friends, siblings or neighbours will need some care. Spiritually this is very positive month for Pisces people.





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