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2023 Yearly Horoscope

The year 2023 is special because in this year all of the slow-moving planets that brings long lasting impacts in our lives, are changing signs. Saturn will move to Aquarius on 17 January, Jupiter will move to Aries on 22 April, Rahu and Ketu are moving to Pisces and Virgo respectively on 30 October. Therefore 2023 is a year of major shift in overall energy. However, compared to the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, 2023 will be a much calmer year. Let’s now see how 2023 will be for all the signs.

In this article I am going to discuss how the year 2023 will be for all the Moon signs and Ascendants. I have combined the results of the ascendants and the moon signs both and where the moon sign results differ from the ascendants, I have mentioned that in the reading too. So whether you are an Aries ascendant or Aries Moon sign, the results apply to you. These results are based on the sidereal Vedic ascendant and Moon signs, not Western signs.


Aries people will have a lot of focus on themselves in 2023. Rahu will be in the ascendant till 30th October and on 22 April Jupiter will also join in. Jupiter, your 9th lord’s transit to your ascendant is a wonderful news. You will get support of luck, and prosperity will come your way. Divine blessings will be with you. You will come across as a knowledgeable, spiritual person. You may also go on multiple pilgrimages in 2023. One concern is Jupiter’s association with Rahu in the ascendant can create trouble in manifesting the good results of Jupiter and can create a super inflated self-esteem. You need to take care of this aspect and remain a bit humble. Once Jupiter moves past Rahu in June, Rahu’s impact will gradually reduce and you will begin to get the beneficial results. One difference in results for Aries moon signs is Jupiter’s move to your sign and Rahu’s presence there can increase your mental anxiety and can cause lack of mental peace. So do take care of that.
Saturn is coming back to Aquarius, your 11th house on 17th January. Overall this 11th house transit of Saturn is going to bring professional success, prosperity and social recognition that will be long lasting and impactful. All the hard work that you have done in the last two and a half years, will now begin to pay off. A long-awaited promotion or professional recognition can come your way. Income potential is also excellent in 2023. Your financial position will improve. You are likely to experience all the good results after mid-March once Saturn comes out of combustion. At the same time being the Badhkesh for Aries ascendants, Saturn can also cause some obstructions in the path of success. However, to ascertain how it will impact, we need to see where your natal Saturn is sitting. If you are running dashas of favourable planets, you do not need to worry much about the obstruction part, but if the dashas are not favourable, you may see progress after putting in a lot of effort. At times you may feel a bit under the weather or lack your characteristic enthusiasm because of Saturn’s aspect on your ascendant.
In the beginning of the year your ascendant lord is retrograde till 12 January and your 8th house is also activated. Health wise you need to be a bit cautious because Mars is not only your ascendant lord, but also your 8th house lord. Rahu is sitting in the ascendant and Saturn will aspect your ascendant and 8th house after 17th. So health issues, mental worry, possibility of injuries or surgery can be there too. The good part is Jupiter’s move to your sign on 22 April. This will help to stabilise your health and relationships to great extent. Stay away from arguments and legalities this year. The month July to mid-August will be a good time to conceive if you are planning to have a baby. Birth of a child can also happen during this time.
2023 can bring new romance in your life. If you are planning to get married, this year is good for that too. However, for married Aries people, relationship matters can cause trouble. The first three quarters of 2023 will continue with dissatisfaction in married life and a tendency to move away. From November you can expect some stability and peace. For some, spouse’s health can cause serious concern.
2023 can prove to be a year of spiritual elevation for Aries people who are pursuing spiritual path seriously. Chant or listen to Hanuman Chalisa and Mahamrityunjay mantra for health and well-being.
I wish Aries people a very happy 2023 and my best wishes are there for you. Do subscribe to my channel and if you like this video do not forget to give me a thumbs up.

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Hello Taurus, wish you a very happy 2023. The year 2023 for Taurus begins with retrograde Mars in your sign and your sign lord Venus with your most auspicious planet Saturn in Capricorn.
Healthwise 2023 shows that you need to remain careful about mental stress and small injuries till the time Mars is in your sign i.e. till 13 March. Later in August you may again feel a bit low on energy and sluggish when Venus goes combust. Otherwise as well, Jupiter’s move to your 12th house and Saturn looking at your 4th house can activate heart related issues or stomach or lever problems for you. So it would be best to be watchful in health matters in 2023. On the other hand, if you have been suffering from any chronic disease so long, you can expect recovery in 2023.
In 2023 Taurus’ creativity will be high. If you are in a creative career or in a profession that involves media, foreign connections, will do very well. Saturn’s move to Aquarius will give much needed growth in career front in 2023 for Taurus ascendants. Promotion or getting a more responsible position can be there for you. Taurus Moonsigns can experience some difficulties though. For both additional work responsibility will be there. Do not try to push things very hard in career front, rather work persistently and steadily to get the rewards from Saturn. Being Taurus, you are no stranger to hard work and patience, and rest assured that you will reap the fruits of your hard work in 2023. From November onwards when Rahu comes to your 11th house, you will see further improvements in your professional life and financial status. Several opportunities will open up. New job opportunities will also be there.
Financially till end of March you do not really need to worry. Good gains will come from your profession and also from investments. Possibility of gains from insurance, inheritance or from spouse’s wealth remains there too. In April Jupiter gets combust and this can cause your income to slow down. After Jupiter goes to Aries on 22 April, and joins Rahu there, you should be careful of high expenses. Much of the expenses will happen on spiritual activities, on charity, or for some auspicious events at home. However, Rahu’s presence there can make you spend unexpectedly on foreign travel and some wasteful expenditure can also happen. Think twice before spending.
The phase between Mid-February to mid-March and again from November can bring great professional achievements and financial gains for Taurus people. From mid-March to first week of April there can be some extravagant expenditure for you. This period can also bring possibility of foreign travel. Hospitalisation can be there for some of you. The months of June and July also indicates change of residence or relocation to a far-off place. Property matters will come into focus in July. Some of you will invest in real-estate or may buy a vehicle as well. Parents’ health can also cause concern during June-July.
If you are looking to get married, chances of marriage are prominent between Mid-February to mid-March and again in October. Possibility of getting a child also remains there for the right people. For married Taurus people this year can pose difficulties. Differences with the spouse’s family or arguments can be there. In some cases, spouse’s health can also cause concern. Some difficulty will be there between end of January and mid of February related to profession, money and marriage. Married life will need some TLC in December too. Try to avoid aggressive communication.
The year 2023 promises much awaited professional elevation for Taurus but poses challenges in personal relationships. Spiritual elevation will also be there. For some of you living in an Ashram or living away from family in solitude may also be there. Maintain an enthusiastic outlook towards the events of the life. Take short trips, if possible, to infuse new energy in life. Practice meditation or Yoga to manage stress and improve health. When Rahu moves out of your 12th house at the end of October, you will begin to feel much more positive and enthusiastic about life. Expect some life changing positive events and better harmony in relationships after October 2023.

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Hello Gemini ascendants and Moon signs, let me first wish you a very happy 2023! The year 2023 comes with lots of blessings for you. Let’s first see how your health is going to be in 2023. Retrograde Mars is in your 12th and Saturn is in the 8th house in the beginning of the year. Remain a bit careful of health and injuries till 17th January. Keep a check on your stress level and aggression till 10th May. Remain careful of stomach related issues too. Thereafter no new health issues are going to pose any trouble.
After 17 January Gemini Moon signs will get respite from 8th house Saturn for the next 29 years. That is a great news! For both Moon signs and ascendants Saturn in your 9th house can open up opportunities for higher education for both the Moon signs and ascendants. You will also travel for education or for religious reasons. Multiple travels are foreseen for you in 2023. This year there will be a major change in your philosophy towards life and society. You may feel more inclined towards universal oneness and higher spirituality than just following the traditional values.
Rahu and Jupiter in your 11th house will make you super ambitious in 2023. Career-wise 2023 is a highly positive year for Gemini people. This applies both for employed people and for business owners. Professional opportunities and new avenues for earnings will open up after Jupiter goes to your 11th house on 22 April. You will get multiple job opportunities. A promotion and increment that were long due, will happen in 2023. There can be a foreign connection in your profession and earnings from foreign sources are also indicated by Rahu there. If you are investing in stocks or shares, you may gain large amount of money. The months of May and June can cause some concern for income, otherwise financially 2023 will be a good year for Gemini Moon signs and Gemini ascendants.
Your social life flourishes this year. You will make friends with knowledgeable people. Some useful contacts will be helpful for your career progress. However, presence of Rahu there also cautions about some friends who may not have the best interest for you in their hearts.
Wedding bells are ringing for the eligible Gemini people From May onwards. For married Gemini people, the year 2023 promises mixed experience till May. Thereafter you will enjoy good understanding with your spouse. End of December can be a bit disturbing for married life or for the spouse. There may be health problems to someone in the spouse’s family.
If you are pursuing education, 2023 will be a highly productive year for you. Gemini people are getting a wonderful year after a long time. In general this year luck is in your favour in 2023 particularly after mid-March. You will see steady and long-lasting prosperity in 2023.
Try to utilise this year to make the most of it. You can chant or listen to Hanuman Chalisa for good health. My best wishes are there for you.

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For Cancer people the year 2023 is going to be a year of contradictions and progressing through it. It will be a year when in one hand Saturn will bring troubles in your life, on the other Jupiter will bless you with abundance, prosperity and health. Saturn will come to your 8th house on 17 January. This move of Saturn will begin two and a half years long Ashtama Shani for Cancer Moon signs particularly. So the moon signs need to remain careful in health, wealth and career matters. Cancer ascendants also need to remain a bit careful. The good part is here Saturn will be in his Mooltrikon sign Aquarius. For Cancer Ascendants Saturn’s move through your 8th house can get you some unexpected monetary gains alongside erosion of savings, but also expect some health issues. Since Saturn will be in Aquarius here, he is powerful and let’s not forget that Saturn is not a friend of your sign. A chronic health issue can show up. Healthwise remain a bit careful in February. There will be a long lasting transformation in your life in 2023. If you are going through favourable dashas you will be alright, but if going through challenging dashas, you need to be more careful. Please do the remedy that I mentioned at the end of your reading.
This year you will get support of luck till April. When Jupiter moves to your house of profession and meets Rahu there on 22 April the focus will shift to career. It can open up chances of a work in a foreign country or with a foreign company. Make sure that you are in good terms with your seniors at work. Some of you will see unprecedented growth and recognition at work between May and November. July – August shows change in profession. Be open to new opportunities and unexplored career choices too. Some Cancer people may toy with the idea of joining politics as career. Just one word of caution to all Cancer people and that is take good care that you are sticking to the righteous ways and straight forward dealings in your career. Otherwise, Rahu with Jupiter in your 10th house alongside Saturn in the 8th can also bring trouble and frustration in professional life, particularly in May and June. Overall this year will be good for people working in research or scientific innovation fields. You will also do well if your work is related to insurance, dealing with other’s money, petroleum and astrology. Travel related to work will also be there. Religious travel can happen after October.
Your monetary situation will improve in 2023. Some unexpected gains can be there too. These gains can come from insurance, family legacy, tax refunds or through your spouse. The period till March can fetch you large amount of gains. Months of May and August are also good for finances. Monetary situation can cause concern in June and July. End of the year will be good for property matters.
Family disputes can disturb your peace of mind in 2023. Mother’s health will need attention. Some of you may decide to leave your birth place or your current place of residence and settle elsewhere. The month of March can bring travel for you.
Relationships will need care in 2023. You can expect some improvements after mid-August. If you have children, their health can cause concern.
Worshipping Lord Shiva with water and sandalwood paste and chanting Mahamrityunjay mantra will help you not only in 2023 but all your life.
Wishing you a very happy 2023 and my best wishes are there for you.

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2023 for Leo people will be a year of new-found confidence and divine blessings. Health-wise you need to remain a bit careful till mid-January, mid-March to mid-April and again mid-July to mid-August. Till 22 April there are chances of injury or accidents too. Saturn will move to your 7th house on 17th January. Saturn is no friend of yours and his aspect on your sign can create a long-term health problem for you. You may also feel lack of energy in 2023. Therefore it would be better to maintain a healthy eating and sleeping habit and also not to ignore any health issues. Check the remedies that I have mentioned at the end of your reading.
This year, particularly the first half of the year will bring you professional achievements. Saturn’s move to your 7th house in the mooltrikon sign of Aquarius will help you to gain recognition and respect in life. You will get the benefit of all the hard work that you have done in your business and profession, particularly if you are associated with large corporates, social causes, innovative technology, law, politics or real-estate. You will also gain from work related travels. The month of April and the period between mid-May and mid-July in particular will be excellent for career. All the focus will be on you for your professional achievements. Just take care that you do not get into any disputes with your seniors at work. You also need to put in persistent effort to see success. Some of you will relocate to a different city or country because of your profession. There may be a chance of foreign travel between mid-July and Mid-August. Otherwise also you will travel to several religious places. Finances will be good too. Gain from inheritance or insurance or some unexpected money can come to you. Mid-January to mid-March will be good for property matters.
Marital relation will need care in 2023. Saturn’s move to your 7th house may be great for your career achievements, however, it is not that great for relationship with your spouse of with business partners. Saturn here can create long lasting differences with your spouse. Spouse’s health can also cause worry. When Mars comes to your sign in July and remains there till mid- August marriage and business partnerships will need more care and attention. During this time your own confidence will increase and at the same time aggression in your temperament will also go up. Mother’s health will need attention in 2023 for Leo people. Father’s health will also need care particularly in June.
Your children will do very well in life after April 2023. November onwards they will do exceptionally well. If you are trying for a child, 2023 will bring good news for you.
March and April will be a good time for spirituality. After April remain careful about fake gurus or mentors or getting wrong advise from someone. This year there will be a profound change in your outlook towards your traditional belief system and philosophy of life. There will be a lot of religious travels for Leo natives in 2023.
November onwards when Rahu comes to your 8th house and Ketu to your 2nd, you need to remain careful about health, family disputes, lack of emotional stability and loss of savings. Two things can happen here depending on your own chart, it is also possible that some of you may develop bad habits or addiction or you can develop a deep understanding of spirituality. People in research fields or working in chemical, pharma industry will do exceptionally well. If you are trying to move abroad, Rahu will help there. Money from unexpected sources can also come to you.
Leo Moon signs will get moderate positive results whereas the ascendants will enjoy the benefits of 2023 more. In order to boost your health and also get the best of 2023, Worship Surya, the Sun every morning. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Mahamrityunjay Mantra.
Wishing you a very happy and productive 2023.

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Virgo ascendants and Moon signs, the year 2023 begins on a positive note for you. Saturn will come to your 6th house on 17th January. Saturn in the 6th house will help you to overcome all competition and obstacles in your job throughout the year. Professionally 2023 will be a good year for you. Your ambition will get fulfilled this year. There are chances of promotion for the right people, particularly in June – July. This will be a time for getting a better job as well. If you are in business you are going to do very well. Your social circle and professional network will be helpful for you. If you are looking to change jobs, try to do that before May. From May onwards do not make any big changes in your profession.
Financially the year 2023 is good for you. There are no big challenges for you as far as money is concerned. Good financial gains are possible between mid-July to mid-August. The only phase that requires you to remain careful is between mid-March and first week of April. This phase can cause loss in speculative investments as well. Virgo people are no stranger to speculation and calculation. Therefore, try to stick to calculative moderate risk and not go overboard from May onwards. You may feel lack of support of luck as well. An ancestral property can come to you during this phase too. Large expenses on family matters are foreseen in October-November.
Health-wise you will enjoy good health till first week of April. Thereafter you will need to exercise caution related to your health. Injuries can be there too. Sleeplessness and eye related troubles can be there too. These months will need some care: mid-April to May, August, second half of October to first week of November and end of December. Father’s health can also cause worry in August. For Virgo ascendants Mother’s health will need care after 22 April.
Jupiter in the 7th house till 22 April can bring marriage for you if you are looking to get married. Possibility of marriage is strong between end of January and mid-February. If you are married, your married life will be great till 22 April. Thereafter care is needed once Jupiter goes to your 8th house. Be more vigilant between end of January and mid-February and again in May. There are possibility of some kind of loss of reputation related to women between mid-March and first week of April. Stay away from all kinds of unethical activities too.
Rahu is currently giving unfavourable results for you related to your health, marital relationship and family matters and on 30 October when Rahu moves to your 7th house of marriage and Ketu comes to your sign, more caution will be required.
If you are looking to go abroad, better time will be before 22 April. Try to avoid journeys after that. For higher education, time till April is good. If you are appearing in any competitive examination, this year is good for you.
Overall for Virgo ascendants and moon signs time till April looks good. Thereafter some unfavourable results can be felt in life. Jupiter Rahu in your 8th house and Saturn looking at them is not actually good. However, Saturn will provide good results throughout the year and that will help you to manage the challenges quite effectively. Being Virgo, you can analyse any situation very well. Utilise this quality before putting your hands to any new work after April. To reduce the adverse effects, pacify Rahu and Ketu. Chant or listen to Mahamrityunjay mantra and worship Lord Ganesha.

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Libra people, particularly Libra moon signs have been going through a testing time for last few years. In 2023 Saturn will move away from your 4th house on 17th January. This will bring great relief to you. Libra people can expect good results in education, long term investments and in family planning. Spiritual upliftment will be there for the right people. You are going to get the blessings of your past good deeds and that is going to help you to mitigate a lot of issues that you have been facing so long. After mid-June your optimism will be high. You will feel happy and be enthusiastic about life. Overall positivity will be there.
Regarding health, you need to remain careful of injuries or small surgery till 13 March. Take care of forgetfulness. A better way to address this issue is to maintain a diary or set reminders. Overall health-wise it would be better if you can follow a healthy routine and control your anxiety and anger. Health and anxiety issues will be under control after mid-June 2023.
Career-wise the year 2023 looks good. There are chances of getting a job in a foreign company or even relocating to a different state, city or country because of your work. A good time to change jobs will be before May 2022. For some of you recognition for your work, promotion or bagging a much better job offer will be there after May. If anyone is working against you behind your back in your workplace, you will come to know about it before May. In case of business partnerships there are chances of mis-understanding and even deception before mid-June. If you are thinking of getting into a partnership business, a better time will be from November 2023. Overall November and December can bring great professional success and achievements for Libra people. There is no stopping you from then onwards. 2023 will be a very good year for learning new skills or initiating a project.
Monetarily the year 2023 looks good for you. Your long-term investments will pay off well. Your savings will also increase till end of April. The one phase that can cause financial worries is between 17th January and 22nd April. Otherwise, earnings look good for you. Property related matters will also turnout well for you. When it comes to the expenses, in 2023 you will have high expenditure too. Savings can deplete to some extent from May onwards. Libra moon signs need more care related finances than the ascendants.
If you are looking to get married the year 2023 shows strong indications for marriage from mid-June onwards. November and December would be even a better time to get married. Before November, there would be chances of marrying a person from a different culture or socio-economic background. If you are married, you need to remain careful in 2023, particularly in the first half of the month. Your married life has anyway been going through tensions. When Jupiter will come to your 7th house in April it is good for bringing harmony in married life, but Rahu is already sitting there and Saturn will also aspect. This can disturb the harmony to a great extent. Spouse’s health can also cause worry. Disputes with the parental family members can be there. If you have children, they will be hardworking and will reap the benefit of their hard work.
The year 2023 will bring new friends and professional connections in your life. These contacts will also be beneficial for you.
Overall, as the year will progress Libra people will find their troubles are going away and positivity is gradually coming in life. To mitigate any difficulties worship Lord Ganesha and chant or listen to Mahamrityunjay mantra.

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For Scorpio Saturn will come to your 4th house on 17th January. Saturn here brings anxiety, tension and creates financial blockages and it is more so for the moon signs. Some change will be there in life. It may be related to your work, your current location or your mental attitude. Saturn is a slow-moving planet and the results are manifested slowly. Therefore, there is no need to panic from day one thinking that ‘my Kantaka Shani has started’. Since Jupiter will be in your 5th house till 22 April, you will get ample support and time to get adjusted to the new ways of Saturn and address any adversity. With Jupiter’s help you are going to use your wise decisions to weigh any situation and then take a step. For Scorpio ascendants this move of Saturn will bring professional elevation and will be positive for property matters. By the way, avoid any property deals between mid-March and end of June.
Talking about profession, chances of promotion or increment remains there. If you are looking for a job change or looking for a work outside your place of birth or country, you will get such opportunities after May. There are chances of conflicts with your colleagues at your workplace too, but from mid-June onwards things will fall in place. There are very strong chances of foreign relocation at the end of 2023. July to 18 August will be excellent for professional growth.
Be careful of health between mid-March and end of June. Till 10th May chances of injury or a surgery can also be there. Heart patients need to remain careful as well. Beginning of October can also pose some health issues for some of you and this may require hospitalisation if the same possibility is there in your dashas as well. Otherwise you may go to a foreign land or spend some time in a spiritual retreat.
Jupiter is going to provide strong support to you till 22 April by retaining enthusiasm and optimism in you. After 22 April, your focus will change to profession and finances and growth in these areas will be there too. October onwards there will be rise in expenses. It may happen on foreign travel and some of the expenses will also happen on yourself. You will make new contacts till April. Thereafter, you need to remain careful of who you are befriending and friends may not be there by your side when you need them.
If we talk about marriage, the month of April can bring marriage for the eligible Scorpio people. Married Scorpio people can face challenges in the relationship with the spouse in 2023. This is one area that will need a lot of calmness, otherwise difficult situations can arise. Health of the spouse can also cause concern for you.
For students time before May is excellent. Thereafter you may face some distractions in studies. However, things will come under control after June. If you try your best, you will crack competitive examinations.
There are possibilities of getting a child this year. If you are planning for pregnancy, time before May would be good. Some of you may get a pet this year. Mother’s health can cause worry in 2023. Family disputes will be there in 2023 and this can bother you on and off.
From November, when Rahu enters your 5th house, that will have two major impacts on you. Firstly you will be inclined towards speculative investments and there can be financial gains as well; secondly, if you have children, you need to pay more attention to them. Grown up children may get married. Take all decisions only after weighing all parameters carefully. A new love from a very different cultural background can enter your life.
So this is what Scorpio people can expect in 2023. Wish you a very happy 2023. If you are looking for remedies, chant or listen to Hanuman Chalisa every day. It is anyway good for you and you can do it lifelong. Worship Surya, the Sun for professional growth.

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The great news for Sagittarius Moon sign is that finally you are coming out of Saturn’s Sadesati on 17th January. You will begin to feel the new surge of energy and positivity in you in 2023. Saturn in the 3rd house is great for Sagittarius ascendants too. You are now ready to put your plans and ideas into action. A project or a venture that you were not able to begin so long, will now get the right boost to move forward. Whatever you initiate in 2023 is going to stay with you for long and will give benefits in future too. So this is great news both for the Moon signs and the ascendants The financial worries will now reduce. There will be multiple short travels for you.
Sagittarius ascendants are going to enjoy the benefits of Jupiter till 22 April. This will help you to make good decisions about property purchase. You may also move in to a grand looking home. Sagittarius moon signs will have some worries related to property matters and mother’s health till 22 April. Thereafter, your sign lord Jupiter will move to the very auspicious 5th house and it is great for both moon signs and the ascendants. Now Rahu is already sitting there and Saturn’s aspect will also fall on Jupiter. This can reduce the auspicious effects of Jupiter and can create a sense of hopelessness in you but only temporarily. There is nothing to worry because after May Jupiter will move past Rahu and they will then go separate ways. So, you can expect to get better results in terms of money, professional progress, overall happiness and prosperity from mid-June onwards. At times you may find that the progress is not meeting your expectations but you are going to overcome it with your own effort.
Financially the 2023 can bring large amount of gains for Sagittarius people. Rahu in your 5th house along with your sign lord Jupiter is good for finances. If you are involved in shares or stocks, gains can be there too. February and March are very good for property matters. The period between May and mid-June can, however, bring financial some worries. Professional growth and chances of promotion will be there after June. The months of September, October till mid-November look very promising for career growth and financial gains. Chances of relocation, moving away from the home country also exists in 2023 for Sagittarius people. The end of 2023 can bring chances of foreign travel or relocation.
The year 2023 can bring new love in your life, but it also requires you to be cautious of this new person. There are also a chance of forming romantic relation with someone from a different socio-economic background. Try to avoid all kinds of altercations and conflicts in love relation till March. If you are married, you need to pay attention to your married life. Aggression and heated exchange of words can ruin your marital bliss. Remain careful in married life between April and June. Try to keep peace.
If you are planning for a child, this year is good for that, particularly after mid-June. If you have children, you need to pay attention to them; not only to their health, but also to their temperament and interests. Mother’s health will need care in November and December.
For education, this year is moderately good. However, you may find yourself getting distracted by outside influences till May. After mid-June you will again try your best to focus on studies and will do well too. The progress might be a bit slow.
This year is very fruitful for spiritual Sagittarius people. Keep your spiritual practices up.
2023 is going to be a year of new initiatives and opportunities for Sagittarius people. Wish you a very happy 2023 and enjoy the year! Strengthen your Jupiter by worshipping Lord Shiva. If you have a spiritual Guru, seek blessings of your Guru.

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For the sign Capricorn, the year 2023 is going to bring quite different results for the Moon signs and the ascendants. For Capricorn Moon signs the good news is your peak of Sadesati will get over from 17 January. The stress and difficulties that you have been facing so long, will now reduce to great extent. Till April you will get opportunities work on your aspirations. Some lack of comfort or peace of mind can be felt from May onwards. It would be better if you do not invest in property or vehicles this year. Try to avoid travel if you can. For Capricorn ascendants the year is more positive in terms of property and wealth. Let’s now see how the Moon signs and the ascendants both are going to get results in 2023.
In general the year 2023 is going to give very positive results to Capricorn individuals till April and again from November onwards. In between you may expect moderate outcomes. November onwards you will get huge relief from mental and emotional stress. Your restlessness will also go down then. Chances of getting new responsibility at work or getting promoted to an authoritative role is there for Capricorn people from November onwards. There can be some professional dissatisfaction in you as well and this will prompt you to change job and also relocate. Now this relocation need not be outbound only, it is quite possible that you would consider coming back to your home country or home city. 2023 is going to be a good year for Capricorn people who are involved in research, analysis, audit, export-import and finance sector. A much better time for professional growth will come November onwards. These two months of the year will be excellent for networking and travel as well. You can also take initiatives to do something on your own then. Writing, content creation, media, advertising and art related activities will be good from November.
Financially 17 January onwards will be a good time for you. You are going to restructure your finances and your savings will gradually go up. There can be gains from inheritance if it applies to you. Money from insurance can also come to you. Joint finances will also come into the focus. From May onwards increase in expenses is foreseen. These expenses are likely to happen on events like moving in a new home or home renovation or overseas travel. Some of you will spend on spiritual reasons too. Overall it is going to be a year where both inflow and outflow of money will be there.
Home front and domestic peace look a bit disturbed in 2023 for Capricorn people. Extended family related issues will be there and parent’s health can cause worry as well. Mother’s health will need utmost care this year.
As far as your own health is concerned, do not ignore the issues arising out of eating habits, mental, emotional stress, heart and stomach. Take care of what you eat in 2023. Try to avoid stale food and stick to easy to digest, simple foods. With Saturn coning to your 2nd house, having more vegetarian food or reducing alcohol will help with your health. If you have been suffering from any chronic diseases, you can expect recovery.
If you are considering getting married this year, I suggest doing it before 22 April or in the last two months of the year. Married people will see better times than 2021. Try to avoid major differences with the spouse’s family.
To reduce any adverse impact of the planets you can worship Lord Shiva and chant Hanuman Chalisa in 2023. Wish you all the best in 2023!

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For Aquarius Moon signs the peak of Sadesati will begin when Saturn comes to your sign on 17th January. Since your sign lord is Saturn himself, and it is the Mooltrikon sign of Saturn, you do not need to worry much. There will be additional responsibilities on you, relocation can come for some of you and increased mental stress will also be there, but all for a good reason. You are anyway a spiritual sign with an open, innovative mind and your thought process is quite in tune with the higher vibrations of Saturn. Therefore, Sadesati’s do not cause much trouble for you. On top of that Jupiter is providing excellent support to you in 2023. Therefore, a good year is ahead for you. If you have been working hard on some project, you will find the year 2023 is going to give you the rewards of your hard work. This applies to Aquarius ascendants as well. The year 2023 will be a year of rediscovering your confidence and professional growth. Saturn in your ascendant can make you a quite task-master. You will execute all work, be it in the professional front or in your personal life with responsibility and in an organised manner.
Career-wise the year 2023 is highly productive for you. Till 22 April, Jupiter is going to give positive results in terms of money, and family matters. New job opportunity will come for some of you. In May and June there may be some difficulties, but thereafter you will again start to get good results in the matters of business and profession. Work related travel, relocation or a positive transfer at work can happen too. For some of you promotions can be there. Try to utilise 2023 for progressing in career as much as you can. If you are in research field or your industry is related to petroleum, gas, insurance, audit, geology or mining, there will be above average progress for you. There can be some lack of initiatives till April, but you will forge ahead thereafter. If you have been toying with the idea of pursuing one of your hobbies or creative skills as profession, 2023 will bring opportunities for that. Try to upgrade your skillsets too. Business partnerships can go through some reorganisation arising out of some difficult situation in 2023. Again after mid-June you will find stability in business. Financially you will do very well in 2023. Till April your financial status looks very positive, even thereafter it remains good for you. People in business will make good profits particularly after May. Moneywise 2023 looks good. You will get support of luck. There may be high expenses in the last two months.
Marriage is a high possibility for Aquarius people in 2023. Both Jupiter and Saturn are activating the possibility of getting married this year. Remain a bit careful in May and June. Thereafter, it is good for marriage. If you are already married, Jupiter in 2023 brings good news for you after May. If your understanding with your spouse has been difficult in the past, this year presents opportunity to bring back positivity. However, spouse’s health will need attention. Last two months of the year can bring out some disputes in the parental family.
With regards to property matters, avoid any deals till middle of January. Thereafter till 10 March it is good for property matters and also for buying vehicles.
For some of you, your understanding with your siblings or with your neighbours can get disturbed from May. Siblings’ health can also cause worry. You will see improvements from November.
Health-wise Aquarius Moon signs will need more care, particularly if your own chart is also indicating the same. Aquarius ascendants need not worry too much. Overall mental stress will be there because of additional work load and responsibilities. There are indications of getting the right treatment to overcome any health issue.
For higher education time from May will give better results. If you are trying to enrol in a foreign university, it can happen too. The year 2023 will bring multiple opportunities for travel for Aquarius people. Your aspirations and ambitions will get fulfilled.
Lastly, if you have been doing spiritual practices, 2023 will bring extremely positive results for you. Overall if Saturn or Rahu in your chart itself is not troublesome, 2023 will be a very positive year for you. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Shani mantra every day for enhancing the benefits of these positive promises of 2023.
Wishing all Aquarius people a very happy 2023. Stay blessed, and enjoy the year!

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The Pisces sign will be hemmed between Saturn and Rahu in 2023. So, some struggles will be there but Jupiter wants to give tremendous support to you in this year. Although at times you will feel a bit bogged down, and low on energy, your positivity and optimism will help you to deal with any adversities in 2023. There going to be an air of wisdom around you. Your advice will be much appreciated. That way, if you are in consulting, teaching or mentoring, this year will be highly productive for you.
For Pisces Moon signs some amount of mental tension and worry may remain there till April, but there after it is good for wealth. The catch is Jupiter will be with Rahu from May till October and also under Saturn’s influence. This can have two impacts, one, your wealth will grow but may not be as per your expectations; two, there will also be sudden high expenditure, particularly on extended family matters. The time to be watchful would be the month of May and time till mid-June. Your savings and wealth will increase November onwards.
Pisces Moon signs will begin the first phase of Saturn’s Sadesati in January. In general, both for Pisces Moon signs and ascendants Saturn being in Aquarius, the spiritual and travel related results will be more visible than anything else. This can also trigger relocation for many and also high expenditure.
If we see your career prospects in 2023, it is wonderfully positive. Please give your best to find that job which you have been dreaming of so long. Last two months will bring excellent career opportunities for you. There will be promotions in the workplace. The best part is your views will be appreciated by the seniors. Work related relocation is also a high possibility. If you are in partnership business, remain careful of conflicts. November onwards, there are chances of going separate ways as well.
There are indications of getting married for eligible Pisces people the whole year. However, the best time would be before May and November, December. Married Pisces people will see some improvements in relationship with the spouse’s family from May. Try to avoid conflicts in March-April. From November you need to pay more attention to your marriage and also to spouse’s health.
In family matters there will be disturbances with the relatives. It may be related to family wealth. Remain a bit careful of camouflaged truth in this matter as well. From your side remain careful of how you are speaking with your relatives. Please make sure not to say anything negative in this year. Some good advice will also come from you after October. Things will begin to get resolved in the last two months of the year.
As far as your health is concerned, take care of what you eat. Avoid fatty and stale or highly processed food. Possibility of aches and pains, injury or surgery remains there for some of you, if your dashas are also showing the same. If you have been suffering from a chronic health issue, you may expect remission in 2023.
The time between mid-March to April will be good for property matters but mother’s health will need attention then. This year also indicates some kind of closure on legal battles.
If you are regularly doing spiritual practices, the year 2023 will bring a lot of progress in this area.
As remedies, chant Hanuman Chalisa and worship Lord shiva every day. Spirituality, spending some time alone, connecting with the nature and meditation will also give you the required boost in 2023. For Pisces people looking at the vast sky or the sea always makes them feel good. Try to do that as well. If you can give your service time for some social cause, helping the underprivileged in hospitals or in spiritual retreats that will be good for you.

Wish you a very happy 2023!

If you want to watch the video on this topic here is the link: https://youtu.be/DBXL19qbqR4
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