Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius January 2023: An In-depth Analysis

On 17 January 2023 Saturn will leave Capricorn for the next 29 years and will move to his mooltrikon sign Aquarius in the natural 11th house. Saturn is extremely powerful here and this is the second time Saturn is coming to Aquarius. In April 2022 Saturn came here briefly, but this time coming for more than next two years. This is a big event and this transit has the potential to bring new scientific innovations, large scale social reforms and redefine our connection with others and with the society at large. Stronger humanitarian bonds will form gradually but after trials. By end of this transit many of us will have limited number of friends, but loyal and true friends. It can bring professional growth, name fame and promotions to the deserving people. Marriage is also a big possibility for the eligible people. Saturn’s transit in Aquarius can bring children to so many hopeful parents.

Results of Saturn Transit in Aquarius January 2023 for All Moon Signs : https://youtu.be/aWmBiSXmWJ0

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This transit in itself is great if seen only from Saturn’s perspective, but we cannot judge the impact of any slow-moving planet’s transit just by itself, in isolation; if we do, we only get a partial view. We need to take into account the impact of Ketu and Jupiter here and the equation changes. For example, this year Ketu is sitting in the sign and house of relationships and Saturn will come to its trine, at the same time Jupiter will go the house and sign of new beginnings and will be with radical Rahu. The moment Saturn moves to Aquarius, he gets heavily influenced by Ketu and both are malefics, separative planets. Therefore, the resultant effect of Saturn in Aquarius in the year 2023 will focus bigtime on the relationship and the social connections. A lot of decluttering, screening will happen in personal, social relationships and also in the business partnerships and new beginnings will also take place. The social reforms and new philosophies of life will be quite different in nature because of Rahu’s connection with Jupiter. The months of mid-April to mid-June and again September 2023 can be quite disturbing.

From November 2023, Rahu will form 2/12 axis with Saturn and Ketu will form 6/8. This would be a time to remain careful in the matters of finance and health for the next one and a half years.

Overall, by sign and house placement in the natural chart Saturn’s move to Aquarius promises gradual positivity and progress, whereas other planets’ influence will create some hindrances in fully manifesting such promises. Always remember that Saturn is the slowest moving planet and also gives results slowly, steadily and these results leave permanent mark in our lives. Therefore, if I am saying this transit will be positive for some of you, do not assume that from day one your luck and prosperity will shower on you. You need to show your dedication to manifest these positivities. Similarly, if the results are not so great, that will also take time to manifest slowly. One more thing to remember is Saturn is a natural malefic and will give even the good results in his own way, by making you work hard for it, having patience and then reward you with the accomplishments. The best part is Jupiter is in very good dignity to provide support till end of March. So the results of Saturn’s transition, even if it is not so good, will not hit our life immediately, but will gradually manifest in the next couple of years. It is also important to check your own Dashas that you are currently running to understand the impact of Saturn’s transit to Aquarius for you.

If you are interested to know the Moon sign-wise results of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius 2023, please watch it on YouTube. Here is the link: https://youtu.be/aWmBiSXmWJ0



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