Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Saturn Transit in Aquarius 17 January 2023: Moon Sign-wise Predictions

If you prefer to watch the video on Moon sign-wise results of Saturn’s transit in Aquarius 2023, here is the link: https://youtu.be/aWmBiSXmWJ0


Saturn will move to your 11th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
For Aries Moon signs this transit of Saturn is a much-awaited positive transit. The focus of your life will now shift from working to working for gains. Whatever hard work you have done in the past you are going to get the rewards of the same now. Avenues for income will also open up. At workplace if your progress was stunted, or the promotion was not happening so long, Saturn’s move to Aquarius will bring boost for your professional life. Some of you will get promoted, income will be good as well. As far as money is concerned, if you are going for medium to long term investment schemes, you will do well. Try to avoid quick money-making schemes. Relocation or change of residence is possible for some of you. Marriage is on the cards for many of you. The concern areas would be your health and mental stress. Added work responsibility can leave an impact on your health. Some unexpected health issue can also pop up. In the year 2023 you need to pay attention to health and mental stress from mid-April to mid-June and again in September and October. This would be a time when you need to keep cordiality with your spouse and business partners as well. This transit is good for your children. A baby will be born to you if it applies. Over all your children will do well in life, but at times some issues related to them will also crop up. It could either be their health or your differences with them. Both ways take care not to let things get out of hands. If your children are of marriageable age, this transit can bring marriage for them too. It is a good time for higher studies too. Work hard, give your best and new opportunities will open up for you in the next two years.


Saturn will move to your 10th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
For Taurus moon signs the next two years will be a time to focus on your career, finance and marriage. Some change is foreseen in your career during this transit and be ready to accept this change, go with the flow. If you have a feeling within you that you are not on the right career path, this transit will bring the necessary changes for you. If you are working in large corporates, or with the social groups, there will be progress. Saturn’s transit in Aquarius will be good for people involved in scientific, or innovative work, or astrology. There will be a lot of responsibility on you, but being Taurus, you do not shy away from responsibility, therefore, you will find your way to discharge all the duties with efficiency. However, be careful of colleagues and hidden enemies who are working against you behind the scene. The months of April and May 2023 will be very important to keep your eyes open in this regard. The months of September and October will also need care. Large amount of expenditure can also be there, therefore it would be of paramount importance to manage finances in order to strike a balance between income and expenditure. From mid-June the situation will improve. At work try to maintain good relation with your boss. If in business, you need to work harder to keep it going. This transit of Saturn can bring mental and emotional stress for you. At times health issues related to chest, stress and additional workload can bother you. Mother’s health will need care in the next two years. Domestic peace needs care. Try to avoid differences with your spouse. In some cases, spouse’s health will need attention too. Try to guard your social respect. In these two years of Saturn’s stay in Aquarius, the year 2023 till October looks a bit troublesome for you. Thereafter you will begin to get better results.


Saturn will move to your 9th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025. Congratulations! You are going to come out from impacts of Ashtama Shani. This itself is a positive event.
In general Saturn’s transit in the 9th house from the birth Moon can bring high competition in career matters. You may need to go that extra mile to prove your worth in the workplace. The good part this will not be the directionless and fruitless hard work anymore. You will get rewards of your hard work and sincerity from now onwards. New job opportunities will also come your way. If your profession is related to research, analysis, insurance or fund management, this transit will bring good results to you. Financially, this transit can impact your income. If you are investing in shares or stocks, you need to remain careful. Do not go for any ‘get rich overnight’ kind of investment schemes. Go for long term investments. Next two years will be good for higher education. You need to be careful about your way of communication as well. If you are thinking of launching your own venture, this may not be the best time for that. Take care of your relationship with your friend and network circle. By end of this transit, you will find that only true friends are with you. That way this would be a good phase to cut off from any bad company. The time between April and mid-June will be a time when you should use your discretion to avoid any bad influence in your life. The months of September and October will also need care. Father’s health may need attention in the next two years. You may not take interest in traditional religious rituals, however, if you are on spiritual path, or in occult, astrology, this transit of Saturn will be extremely good for you. For some of you there are chances of get life guidance from someone who is quite elderly and spiritual. Your chronic health problems, depressive, negative thinking all will go down. Try to avoid getting involved into court cases during this transit. Some issues related to your spouse and child can bother you. Travel for religious reasons or because of higher education is foreseen.


Saturn will move to your 8th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
Saturn’s transit to the 8th house from the birth moon always brings deep transformation in all spheres of life, be it profession, be it on family matters, marriage, finance or health. Who can benefit from this transit of Saturn? If you are involved in the fields of research, scientific innovation, manufacturing, ancient history, astrology, you will do well career-wise. In general know one thing for sure that when the transit gets over in March 2025, your life will not be the same as before. Try not to fight the changes, because you cannot. Some necessary corrections will come in your life in these two years which will form the base of the next phase of your life. Why am I saying so? That is because the 8th house is the house of death and regeneration. So the old format of living will end, some aspects of your life will change forever and you will begin afresh. One area will definitely change for you during this transit and that is your career path. Rahu and Jupiter’s presence there also indicates the same. It is most likely that this change in career will happen before November. In the month of May and till mid-June you will see a lot of churning in your professional life. The months of September and October will also need care. Hold on to your money, do not overspend or invest unwisely. Stay away from all kinds of speculative investments, addictions and wrong company. Saturn here can bring foreign travel or relocation for you. Health-wise do not ignore any kind of discomfort. Pay attention to your mental health as well. Saturn here can bring depressive thinking. Children’s health will need care too. You may take deep interest in astrology, occult or ancient history in the next two years. Drive carefully. Chant Hanuman Chalisa and Maha Marityunjay Mantra every day. Try to eat vegetarian food on Saturdays.


Saturn will move to your 7th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
During Saturn’s stay in Aquarius, the focus area of your life will be your marriage, business partnership and your health. If you are in employment, achievements will come with continuous hard work. This transit will bring work related travel and even possibility of relocation for you. It is possible that you may have to live away from your spouse because of your work. If you are in business, this phase may not be that great for you. Partners can cause trouble as well. Take care of your finances. At times you may feel that luck is not supporting you. If you are looking to get married, this transit will get you married. If you are already married and want to save you marriage, it will be important to avoid all kinds of differences with the spouse. Spouse’s health can also cause concern at times. Lack of domestic peace will be felt and resorting to spirituality can help. There will be chances of long travel because of studies or for religious reasons. However, some difficulties may also pop-up during travel. Your health will need attention. Lack of minerals or vitamins can make you feel drained. Take care of heart and emotional ups and downs. Try to build a healthy routine in life and do not procrastinate. This is one transit that can disturb health of almost every close relative in the family, i.e., both parents, spouse and self. Father’s health will need attention in May and early June 2023. Remain careful of what kind of advices you are getting during this one and a half months. It may not be a beneficial advice in the long run. The months of September and October will also need care. Do not take any short-cuts in life and have patience. Stay away from court cases and from taking loans. Here is a very effective tip for Leo moon signs, keep your ego as low as possible. Here I am talking about ego, not self-respect. Saturn does not like ego at all. Saturn will come to your 7th house, looking directly at you. More modest and humble you are, easier things get for you.


Saturn will move to your 6th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
For Virgo moon signs this is a good transit of Saturn. The next two years will be great for cracking competitive examinations, winning in legal cases and for job. For some of you a job away from your birth place or country is also possible. If you want to begin your new venture, that is also a possibility. This transit will prove to be good if you are in any profession related to medicine, law, arbitration or service industry. Your income will be good. You will be able to pay off old debts and loans. It will be a good time to buy a property or build a house. You are going to topple all opposition in life and in your career. You will have an edge over your competitors and enemies. The next two years will also be good for new skill development. If you wish to enrol in any such course, do it now. Married life looks moderate. There can be an unsettling event in the month of May and till mid-June. This can be related to family, joint finances, inheritance, insurance or tax. If your marriage has come to the point of no reconciliation, this period can bring separation as well. Similarly the months of September and October will also need care. In general your relationship with your family members will improve. However, your younger siblings’s health can cause worry. Some difficulties in relationship with them or with your neighbours is also possible. Overall, you can expect life to go on in a relatively peaceful manner with prosperity coming your way in the next two years.


Saturn will move to your 5th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
You will be out of Saturn’s 4th house transit on 17th January and this will bring some relief for you. You must have gone through intense change in life in the last two and a half years. For the next two years the focus area of your life will be your marriage, education and your children if you have one. People in creative and artistic fields will do well, particularly if this creativity is related to technical designing. It is a good time for authors and content writers as well. Saturn in your 5th house being in his best sign is asking you to take all decisions carefully. Use your intelligence, your discretion before you take any big decision in life. As far as your finances are concerned, take all decisions extra carefully. Do not invest in quick money-making schemes, no matter how lucrative those look. Cordiality with the friends’ circle will be required. Work front looks a bit shaky. Chances of change of job is strong. Some of you may take up your parental family’s profession from January 2023. Difference of opinion with the relatives is also possible. This transit of Saturn brings your focus on your children. If you do not have a child yet, you may get one. If you have children, they will do well in life and work hard towards it. However, you may have some differences with them. In some cases children’s health will also cause concern. If you are pursuing studies, put all your efforts in it, try to avoid distractions and you will do well. Some amount of mental anxiety can bother you. For people in love the time January onwards may bring some coldness or distance with the partner. Overall, as far as relationships are concerned, be it love, spouse or family, this transit is not that great for you. In the month of May and till mid-June 2023 take utmost care to maintain cordiality with your spouse and business partners. Some amount of turmoil till be there during this time. Remain careful in the months of September and October 2023 too. For all other matters, you will overcome the difficulties if you are taking the right decisions.


Saturn will move to your 4th house on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
This transit of Saturn can bring big change in your life and experience in the next two years. Some amount of restlessness and anxiety will develop in you. It can prompt you to change your residence, work or relocate to a different place as well. Some kind of construction work can take place in your home. Healthwise stomach and digestion related issues can bother you. Heart patients need to be careful. In the job front, you need to put in additional effort to retain it. Avoid all kinds of opposition with your boss. Transfer at work is also a possibility for some of you. If you are running beneficial dashas for your profession, this transit can bring professional elevation for you as well. Finances will need careful handling. Income may get disturbed a bit. Think before you have to spend any large amount of money. If any litigation has been going on it can end in the next two years. However, do not get into any new litigation at all. It would be better if you can avoid all kinds of altercations, be it at home or in the work place. Both parent’s health will need care. There may be differences with the mother as well. Remain calm and cautious in the month of May and till mid-June 2023. If there is any health issue to you or to your parents during this time, do not ignore it. Avoid property related matters. Also remain a bit careful in the months of September and October. Overall, maintain good relation with your close relatives and important friends and do not do anything that can harm your social reputation. Recite Hanuman Chalisa and avoid eating non-veg food and alcohol on Saturdays.


Congratulations, Sagittarius moon signs! You will completely come out of Saturn’s Sadesati on 17th January. Saturn will move your 3rd house and will stay there till 29 March 2025.
After seven and a half years of ordeal, this would be your time to take new initiatives in life with new found enthusiasm and confidence. Whatever you begin now will yield good results in future as well. New professional opportunities will come your way. It is a good time to begin something of your own. If you are working in the new age technology field, scientific areas, in media, advertising, writing you will do exceptionally well. If you try, you will get new job offers, even in the current scenario of employment. Your knowledgeable and to the point communication will be helpful for your success. Your social reputation will go up. Property matters will be positive for you. Some of you may buy a property or house as well. There are certain areas of life where you need to be careful in these two years. Firstly, take good care of your parent’s health. Secondly if you have children, their health will need attention too. If you are trying to conceive, this may not be a good time for that. From mid-April to mid-May 2023 remain careful if you are pregnant. The months of September and October will also need attention. If you are romantically involved, try to avoid any disputes during these two phases. Financially you will do well, however, if you invest in stocks or shares, be extra careful. Travel is on the cards. There will be both short and long-distance travel. If you are studying, you need to pay more attention to your studies. Try not to get distracted by different things, mobile games etc. For eligible Sagittarius moon signs marriage is a strong possibility.


Saturn will move your 2nd house on 17th Janyary 2023 and will be there till 29 March 2025.
This ends your peak phase of Sadesati and will bring considerable relief from mental stress to you 17 January onwards. However, restlessness of the mind and some emotional heaviness will still remain there. This may create difficulties in focusing on your objectives. Therefore, desired gains from such objectives also get delayed to come your way. Financially you will see money coming and going out in the next two years, but the savings may not be there. Career-wise you may not get good results till October 2023. Thereafter, things will change positively for you. Avoid using harsh words or straight talk while interacting with others. Avoid nit-picking and arguments to maintain harmonious relation with your spouse. Spouse’s health will also need attention. As far as your own health is concerned, try to eat right, eat fresh to remain healthy. If you suffer from any chronic diseases or depressive tendencies, you need to remain more cautious. If you can avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol on Saturdays it will help you. There is a possibility that you may relocate to a far-off place, to a foreign country or you may have to live away from your family. Property matters can turn difficult between mid-April and mid-June 2023. You need to take care of any heart or chest related issues during this period. The months of September and October will also need care. In general try to remain flexible in your approach towards life. Worship Lord Hanuman, recite Hanuman Chalisa.


Saturn will move over your birth moon on 17th January and will stay there till 29 March 2025. This will begin the peak of Sadesati for you.
Here is something I would like to mention first before I get into the other predictions for your moon sign. One, if you have been diligently working on some project or towards some goal so long, you are going to taste success during your peak of Sadesati. Secondly, for people who have been practicing spirituality or mantra sadhna so long, this Sade sati will bring divine blessings in your life. This will be a life changing experience for you.
Now coming to the other predictions for Aquarius moon signs. Being Aquarius moon sign, your mind is already tuned in to the higher vibrations of Saturn. Whatever you are doing in the materialistic life, all of these have an underlying spiritual current, some of you have understood it, some are yet to discover it. Therefore, Saturn’s peak Sadesati does not cause much disturbance in your life. Yes, if you are of the ripe age, this Sadesati can have negative intonations for health and well-being. The challenges that Sadesati brings will be there, the point is whether you would get disturbed by those or not. Unless you are running an awful dasha or your birth moon and Saturn is damaged, you will not feel much about it. Some issues will be there, those will change the course of your life to some extent, but you tend to take these as part of the life. Additional responsibility and mental stress will be on you. Where you need to pay attention in the year 2023 would be in your communication with others. Be polite, clear and try not to give advice where it is not sought from you. If you have younger siblings, try to maintain good relation with them. Their health may also cause concern. For all these matters the month of May and till mid-June 2023 will be quite eventful. Remain careful in September and October as well. Your marriage and health of your spouse will require attention in these two years. Try to avoid discord and distance with the spouse. Change in career or in profession is also possible. Depending on what dasha you are running, there can be huge professional achievement or some challenges may pop-up. If you feel negative or depressive thoughts cloud your mind, meditate, seek professional medical help and remain in contact with close relatives and friends. Do not isolate yourself. This phase will show you who your true friends are. Take good care of health.


Saturn will transit to your 12th house on 17th January and will be there till 29 March 2025.
This begins the first phase of Sadesati for you. So long you have been enjoying the best transit of Saturn in your 11th house. Now the 12th house transit will bring some not so gainful changes in your life. 12th house is anyway a house of giving away, expenses and loss. When Saturn will come here, he will activate these aspects of life for you. Your savings will need careful handling. High expenses can deplete your bank balance. A lot of expenses may happen on travel, charity and on health issues. Job front looks a bit unsteady. Competition at work will go up. Some people can work against you behind your back. Some of you will travel far for work. People engaged in the fields law, higher education, religion, consultancy as their profession will do well. Do take care of social reputation. Since family disputes are indicated by this transit, from your side what you can do is not to escalate it in any way. Do not get into litigations or disputes with others. The month of May and time till mid-June 2023 will be crucial in these matters. Also remain careful in September and October 2023. Maintain cordiality with your spouse. Take care of what you eat. Health-wise you need to remain careful. Some of you may face issues related to your teeth as well. This transit of Saturn can trigger travel and foreign relocation for you as well. Travel to spiritual retreats, ashrams, or service to hospitals will be highly fruitful for you. You may also get involved in some kind of social work. The next two years will be a very good time for spirituality. Avoid taking any life-changing decisions in the next two years.



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