Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Jupiter’s Transit in Aries 22 Apr 2023 : Results of Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction

Let is start with a situation. Put yourself in Jupiter’s position, and imagine that you are going to your friends house in a happy mood, willing to begin something new and fresh in life, but then the moment you enter the house, you see your greatest nemesis Rahu is standing there and Saturn from behind is also creating blockage after blockage in your path of progress. Sun, although your best friend, is blinding your vision, you are obliged to follow what he says. In this situation will you still be comfortable in your friend’s house and be able to perform to the best of your ability?
This is exactly how Jupiter will be in Aries when he enters the sign on 22 April. Luckily after 28th April Jupiter will come out of combustion but will still be under influence of Rahu and Saturn till the end of October 2023. When a planet comes under influence of more than one malefic, it becomes so afflicted that it cannot give the usual results. On top of that Rahu as it is his habit, will take the credit of all the good work done by Jupiter. So expect that at times you will see Rahu like people taking credit of your good work and maligning your image and your efforts will get overshadowed. This is the essence of Jupiter’s transit in Aries in short. It is very different from just Jupiter entering Aries and beginning a new cycle. It is a new beginning but a very bumpy one.

So if you are Jupiter, how will you carry on your stay in Aries? You will need to use your inherent knowledge to navigate through the situation, you need to use your optimism to overcome the blockages in the path. Where ever the sign Aries and Libra falls in your chart, you will see great transformation is taking place related to the attributes of those houses and a completely new direction is shaping up for you. You will be walking in that direction for the next 12 years. Now from where did I get the transformation part? It is from Ketu, Jupiter’s first Nakshatra lord in Aries. The Solar eclipse of 20th April would already initiate the new transformation, the moment Jupiter enters Aries the Rahu-Ketu axis that is Aries -Libra axis gets super activated. The degree of Rahu is so close to Jupiter that you will feel the results from the beginning itself. For many this transit will prompt relocation, change in residence and travel abroad. Overall a change in outlook towards life and beliefs will be there. Non-traditional thought process will be there in people. Health issues related to liver, digestion, breathing, and mental health issues will increase.

During Jupiter’s retrogression from September…….Know more about this crucial transit in the video: https://youtu.be/MNWMrR12-c0


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