Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

February 2020 Prediction (Part – 2/2)

Let us see what is in store in February 2020 for all the signs. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. Planetary placements in your individual horoscopes and your current dasha periods will modify the results and the intensity of the results. If you want a personalised prediction contact me through email mohanaastrology@gmail.com

These predictions are based on your Vedic Moon sign. If you know your ascendant, you can also check as per the ascendant. Combine both the results to know what may be the resultant effect. Moon sign predictions apply on your mind and thought process and ascendant results manifest physically.

Aries (Mesh)

Mars your sign lord is placed in its own sign in Scorpio till 8 February. Then it will move to your house of luck where Jupiter and Ketu are also posited and are being aspected by Rahu. There is a possibility of blood related health issues, accidents till 8 February. There may be knee, legs or joint related pains. After that the general energy is positive, you will feel energetic, relief from chronic health problems will be seen and you will be able to complete your projects. There is a chance of rise in luck through foreign connections. You need to keep a check on any aggressive behaviour between 23 and 26 February. There will be rise in spirituality and an interest for practicing spiritual rituals. There may be some obstacles in travel. Saturn is in Capricorn in your Karma house. Profession wise you need to work hard to achieve success. There may be some unrest and tension in work place. Juniors and co-workers may try to damage your reputation. Situation will be under control after 13 February when Sun moves to Aquarius. Financially this is a rewarding month. There may be sudden gain of money. However, keep a check on your expenditure in luxury items. If you are single, there may be a chance to meet love of your life. For married people there will be a chance to travel together to a foreign land. Overall, married life is good. The relation with children and other family members may go sour. There is a possibility of someone belonging to lower social circle will cause trouble for all in your family before 8 February. Afterwards the situation will be under control. It is good time if you are planning to conceive. Take care about your investments after Mercury turns retrograde on 17 February for rest of the month. Also take care of communication related errors or misunderstandings after 17 February.

Taurus (Vrishabh)

Your sign lord Venus is exalted in the sign of Pieces in your 11th house. This is an excellent month for you regarding finances. There will be multiple opportunities coming your way for generating money. You may gain through inheritance, insurance and in-laws. Your ambitions will get fulfilled and your professional network will help you. You will feel energetic. You will get relief from chronic bone or joint pains that you have been suffering from so long. However, you need to be careful about accidents, injuries and blood related diseases after 8 February. Professional life will be better after 13 February. Saturn will ensure steady and long-lasting progress and prosperity. Before that stay away from any workplace politics. There may be false accusations against you. Business people will see good times till 8 February; after that there may be some sudden losses. This month is very good for love birds and for singles who are looking for love. For married couples, the month may be tense and the health of the spouse may need attention. There may be some health issues to your in-laws. Your spouse will turn highly spiritual. Your own spirituality and interest in occult will increase too. Since Mars will join Ketu and Jupiter in your 8th house after 8 February, you need to keep your impulsiveness and anger under check particularly on 24 February when Mars and Ketu are having exact conjunction. Family atmosphere in February will be pleasant overall. However, you need to take care about your father. There may be health troubles for your father after 8 February. Travel will bring some blissful moments. You may go on pilgrimage too.

Gemini (Mithun)

Mercury, your sign lord is posited on the 9th house in the beginning of the month and gets retrograde on 17 February. Therefore, you need to take utmost care on what you communicate to others. There may be misunderstandings because of communication errors. You can expect good results in higher education, spirituality. Health wise you need to take utmost care since Saturn has entered your eighth house. You should be careful about the quality of the food you are consuming because there is a chance of food poisoning. Students will have to put in extra effort to maintain their position in class. Saturn in 8th house will be helpful for researchers. Profession wise you need to focus on doing good and right work this month; otherwise there will be trouble in employment. Business people may plan to initiate a new venture or expand the existing one, but the planetary positions this month are not favourable for that. You should take care not to do anything outside legal purview. Relationships with business partners will take a toll after 8 February. There will be several trips related to work. Financially the later part of the month will be better than the first couple of weeks. Expenses will mount on you. After 13 February you will be slightly better off in money matters. You may feel love for someone in the workplace. It is a mixed month regarding love and peace in married life. Things can go severely unfavourable after 8 February when Mars joins Ketu in your 7th house. There may be serious difference in opinion with the elders in the family. Health of your father may suffer.

Cancer (Karkat)

Your sign lord Moon goes into exaltation on 3 February. The time between 3 and 5 February will help to recover from weakness and provide enthusiasm. Overall there can be health issues caused by stress and exhaustion. Be careful about your food intake since there is a possibility of food poisoning or gastrointestinal problems. You may get viral fever as well. Health will get much better after 8 February. Financially the first week looks positive. Thereafter this month will be somewhat unfavourable for finances. People in the art and entertainment industry should take more care about their finances. There will be losses in share trading and other speculative transactions. There will be increase in expenses. You may get into debts and loans. Last few days of the month will see some financial gain. You may want to buy a vehicle this month. This is an excellent month for your career. However, in the first half of the month there may be a false accusation against you. Your job situation will improve after 8 February. With your hard work you will be able to earn good reputation. People in art and entertainment industry will get excellent opportunities for creative pursuits. Travel would prove quite beneficial. And finally, the manner in which you handle your juniors and subordinates would enable you to derive optimum benefit from their services. If you are in business, you can expect good profits. You can expand your business as well. However, make sure to take well thought out decisions. You may get professionally benefitted by an elderly person or a female colleague. Love life will flourish after the first week. For married couples there will be some difference in opinions and struggle in the first half of the month. Things will get better once Sun moves out of your 7th house on 13 February. However with exalted Venus’ impact there will be harmony. There will be some discord in the family atmosphere due to Saturn’s aspect mostly due to work related commitments and lack of time. . You need to take care of your parents’ health.

Leo (Simha)

Your sign lord Sun is placed in the 6th house till 13 February. Thereafter it will move to your 7th house. This is a bitter sweet month for you both professionally and personally. Health wise you will suffer from some chronic disease, gas and acidity in the first half. Later on things will be much better. You will get a lot of professional opportunities. There may also be increase in enmity and competition in professional life. However, with hard work and efforts you will be able to win over all competition. Travel may be unproductive. There may be a foreign travel or a long distance travel. People in business should take care not to invest further resources in business. This may destabilise your finances. If progressed with caution, there will be success. Money matters do not seem great this month. You may have to do some menial job to keep your finances afloat. Luck will not help this month. If you indulge in trading and speculative ways of making money, there will be serious losses. Not a great time to start a new venture. Financially you will be better off after 8 February. Further improvement comes after 13 February. If you are in business and the business partner is a woman, there would be good gain. At the same time there will be huge expenses, particularly in the first half of the month. There would be tension and discord in family. There is a likelihood of some of you getting into serious confrontations with the elders of the family. You should take extra care not to let it happen. Your children may lose interest in participating in competitions; there may be some sort of injury to them. This is not the good time for love relationships. Married couples will enjoy conjugal bliss in the first half of the month. With Sun’s movement in the 7th house in the second half, there will be disputes, ego hassles and confrontations in married life.

Virgo (Kanya)

Mercury, your sign lord is posited on the 6th house in the beginning of the month and gets retrograde on 17 February. You need to take care of your health. Sun joining Mercury on 13 February can make things worse. There may be fatigue, fever, eye infection and stomach upset. Try not to get involved in arguments and useless debates. February 2020 is going to be an excellent month for your educational endeavours. With full focus and hard work you will do brilliantly well in examinations. This is also an excellent month for career prospects. You may get promotion and hike. You will gain from your juniors and subordinates. Business people may have to ramp up their investment which may lighten the bank balance but will prove to be beneficial in long run. Money wise, this month is favourable. There may be some financial help from a family member. Expenses will rise in the second half of the month. Plan your expenses carefully well in advance. Your love life may not be great in the first half of this month. The latter half gives slightly better result. Married life will be good after the first week. There will be cooperation from your life partner. There can be health issues to the spouse. As far as rest of the family is concerned, it looks a bit challenging this month. You may have to stay away from the family. Health of your mother can be a matter of concern. Mars and Ketu’s presence in the house of family matters may lead to disputes with the family members particularly with female members. Conception of a child may happen after going through several problems this month.

Libra (Tula)

Your sign lord Venus is exalted in the sign of Pieces in your 6th house. There may be some opposition from women at work place. The relation with your spouse may be slightly disrupted and distant. It may lack intimacy. There may be debts or loans. You need to be careful about your health too. There may be some issues related to heart and throat. You may get a chance to go abroad for professional reasons. You may also buy a vehicle or property. There may be some false accusation on you related to profession. You can mitigate this by remaining unfazed by it and working hard. The first half of the month is relatively low; things will start picking up in the second half. People in business will get rise in opportunities, income and profits after 13 February after Sun moves to Aquarius. Overall February 2020 will offer a lot of opportunities to you. You will also get involved in religious activities. Financially the first week is very strong, there after you need to increase your effort to succeed. There is a possibility of earning good amount of money through foreign connection. Women will prove to be catalyst for earning name, fame and money. There may be expenditure related to your own health or a female member of the family. Love life may be slightly cold. Be careful about what you say and keep your ego out of love life. If married, the spouse may have health issues in the first week, thereafter things will get gradually better. Your spouse will be interested in spiritual activities. Due to Saturn and Sun’s impact there may be some upheavals in the family life. Your parents and siblings’ health may suffer.

Scorpio (Vrishchik)

During the month of February, your sign lord Mars will transit from your 2nd house on 8 February. If you are living away, there will be a chance to return home and meet your relatives. There will be gain of money, landed property. Investments will also yield good returns. There may be sudden illness related to food poisoning, high fever, throat and joints. Due to Mars joining Ketu, there may also be fear of cuts, wounds and burns. Professionally you need to work alone and harder in the first half of the month. The second half is favourable for your career. There may be benefits from the Government. Stay away from any workplace gossip or controversies. If you are in business, time after 3 February turns favourable. You may also go away from home for work. Money wise this month is good for employed people. New avenues of income will open. Business people will book moderate profits. Artists may earn a lot of benefits. There may be sudden expenses on account of health. February is going to be very good for love. You will put in a lot of effort to please your beloved. However the month is not so good for the married people. After the first week married life will be much peaceful, but health of your spouse may deteriorate. Your extended family life will be good in the first half. In the second half, there may be some disharmony and opposition. Parents’ health may also cause concern. There may be some crucial decision taken related to the ancestral property.

Sagittarius (Dhanu)

Your sign lord Jupiter is posited in your sign, the ascendant. Ketu is also posited there and Mars will join Ketu after 8 February. Saturn and Sun are posited in your second house. Therefore health wise you need to be careful about bile problems, eye problems, cuts and wounds and burns. Presence of Jupiter will keep health issues under control. Career wise this is a favourable month. You will get support from your professional network. There will be recognition and benefits given to you at work. You may buy a vehicle. If you are in business, you may think of expanding your business. Your business partner or associates will be helpful. Finance wise there will be rise in luck leading to handsome earning. There will be some expenses, but none out of control. There is a chance to be away from the family in order to earn money. There may be income from foreign sources. You may also get family assets. Love life seems excellent after the first week; it is the time for enjoyment. Just one caution, keep your ego out of love life. Married couples may have some misunderstandings; harshness in communication may be there. Health of your spouse may cause concern in the first half of the month. Second half looks better for marital relations. There may have been some discord in family life in January. Your mother’s health and your relation with her might have also suffered. 3 February onwards Venus’ transit can help to reduce the tension in the family life. It will also reduce mother’s sufferings. Your father will have good time in the second half of the month. Siblings will do well in the first half of the month. Retrograde Mercury can create some communication related errors or misunderstandings after 17 February.

Capricorn (Makar)

Your sign lord Saturn is placed in your sign in February 2020. New friendships will be long lasting and will give benefits. You will be religious and attend religious functions. There can be sudden health issues related to teeth, bones, joints, viral fever and acidity. Ketu, Jupiter and Mars in the 12th house can give sleep related issues after 8 February. There can be accidents as well. You may have to visit the hospital. If your ascendant is Capricorn, Saturn’s position will provide a lot of protection. Capricorn moon signs are going through Peak of Saturn’s Sadesati. Therefore Capricorn moon signs need to be careful about health. In the first half of the month there may be some false allegation against you at work place. After Sun moves to Aquarius on 13 February, you will come out clean. There will be support of your seniors and co-workers. This is the time to work hard and keep working, the rewards will follow you. Business people will also gain profit. Finance looks great for you particularly in the first half of the month. Investments will yield good returns. Friends and professional associates will contribute to your gain. There will be increase in expense in the second half. These expenses may be due to the health issues. Your love life looks great after 8 February. Romance is in the air for you. Married people may face difficulties in marriage. Your own health problems can be a contributor. The spouse may also show some aggression. Have patience. Extended family situation will be good. There will be a family get-together. Siblings will do better in the second half of the month. Parents’ health will improve. Do not let an outsider interfere in your family matters.

Aquarius (Kumbh)

Your sign lord Saturn is placed in your 12th house. The first phase of Sadesati has started for Aquarius moon sign. People with Aquarius moon sign should take care of their health. Apart from health issues there will not be any ill effects of Sadesati this month. There will be rise in spirituality and a tendency to do good things for others in both moon sign and the ascendant people. Career wise this month is good for you. You may get promotion at work. Mars’ movement in the 11th house will also give good results. You will be benefitted by your professional network. People in business may go to foreign trips, but it may not be very productive. As far as your finances are concerned, you will earn from multiple sources. There will be rise in expenses in the first half of the month. At the same time there will be inflow of money as well. Once Sun moves to your first house, expenses will get reduced. Second half of the month is also good for investments. Health wise it is not a good month. Do not ignore any health issues and make extra effort to stay fit. Your love life may be eventful this month. You will have strong feelings for your beloved. At the same time there may be confrontations and an effort to patch up as well. If you are married, the month is favourable for you. There is happiness in the married life. The first half of the month can give some health problems to your life partner. The second half of the month may make you slightly headstrong. The first week of February may not be good for the family. The atmosphere will be tense and parent’s health may cause concern. There will be a chance of buying a property or a vehicle. Second half of the month will be better for family life. Family’s status will increase too.

Pisces (Meen)

Your sign lord Jupiter is in its Mooltrikon sign in your 10th house; an excellent month for career progress, particularly when Mars joins Jupiter on 8 February. You will witness dynamism, progress and monetary reward in your profession. You may get senior position at work. Your name and fame will increase. Try not to be aggressive in your behaviour. Business people may face challenges controlling their expenses. Saturn’s position in your 11th house ensures constant flow of money for you but expenditure will also mount. Till 13 February the income will be excellent. Thereafter, the income will be there but expenditure will shoot up. After 8 February you need to be careful about some health problems, mainly related to bones and knees, high fever. Exalted Venus will give support to maintain good health. Therefore with a disciplined lifestyle your health issues will go down. This month may not be great for the lovers. Malefic planets aspecting your fifth house may cause discord and separation. Time is much better for married couples. With Venus’ aspect your marital bliss will grow. You can bridge over any misunderstandings. You may not spend much time with your other family members. You will be spending a lot of time away from home. There may be some tension in the family after 8 February. Father’s health needs attention. Time is also not great for your elder siblings. There may be expenditure due to younger siblings.


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