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Category: Predictions for February 2020

  • Mars-Ketu Conjunction in February 2020 – A time to be careful?

    Mars-Ketu Conjunction in February 2020 – A time to be careful?

    On 8 February 2020 Mars is going to enter Sagittarius in Moola Nakshatra. Mars and Ketu are forming an exact conjunction on 24 February. Mars is going through intense Gandanta from 6 February to 9 February. Moon the planet that governs our mind, thoughts and emotions will be placed in Moola on 18 and 19 […]

  • February 2020 Prediction (Part – 2/2)

    February 2020 Prediction (Part – 2/2)

    Let us see what is in store in February 2020 for all the signs. Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. Planetary placements in your individual horoscopes and your current dasha periods will modify the results and the intensity of the results. If you want a personalised prediction contact me through email […]

  • February 2020 horoscope (Part-1/2)

    February 2020 horoscope (Part-1/2)

    After a long time the month of February 2020 brings the energy of positivity. Saturn has already moved to its own house in Capricorn and once Sun moves to Aquarius on 13 February, Saturn will be alone and in full dignity. Sun will join Mercury in Aquarius and will be free from the influence of […]