Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Vish Yog – Do you have it in your chart?

Vish yog is formed when Moon and Saturn form mutual relations in a chart. Vish Yog is created due the following placements:

  1. Moon and Saturn are conjunct in one sign in the chart
  2. Saturn and Moon are in Mutual aspect. Saturn’s Seventh aspect on Moon is only considered here. Saturn’s 3rd and 10th aspect forms milder form of Vish Yog
  3. Moon and Saturn are mutually exchanging signs (i.e. creating Parivartana Yoga). E.g. Moon is placed in Aquarius and Saturn is placed in Cancer.
  4. Moon and Saturn are mutually exchanging nakshatras ruled by them. E.g. Moon is placed in Uttar Bhadrapada which is ruled by Saturn and Saturn is placed in Rohini which is ruled by Moon.
    It is important to note that all babies who are born with peak Sadesati in the chart, will also have Vish Yog.

What happens when you have Vish Yog in the chart?

Well, the answer is it depends on what you are pursuing in life. If your life, like most of ours, is dedicated to earning money, having a good career, good savings, comfort, marital bliss, children and prosperity, I have to say, you are probably facing sky high difficulty and obstacles in attaining those. None of these comes to you easily.

Vish Yog creates troubles in the significations of the houses where it is formed or has mutual relation. E.g. if Vish Yog is present in the 2nd house it will create trouble in accumulation of wealth. It may also create unhappy childhood. The person may not like to speak much. Since Moon is the significator of mother, Vish yog gives severe health issues to the mother or differences with the mother. The mother may not be the most affectionate person in nature. Moon is also our mind and happiness. People with Vish Yog are devoid of happiness in life and remain worried. A very typical result of Vish Yog is it does not give success in the first attempt. It is called Vish Yog because it creates misery and difficulty throughout one’s life. People with this yog in the chart will find disputes and quarrels in family life are regular affairs. It also gives depressive tendencies and pessimistic outlook.

Let us see how it works for the other side of the spectra. People who are dedicated to spiritual upliftment and do not care for materialistic life, the same dreaded Vish Yog turns out to be the best yog to have in the chart. It creates extreme detachment in materialistic life, gives powerful meditative mind and inclination to serve others. Many saints have Vish Yog in their charts. Swami Vivekananda and Rishi Aurobindo are two well-known saints with this yog.

A generic tendency in people with Vish Yog, whether they are materialistic or spiritual, is that they do not like the company of other people. They prefer solitude and are quite happy in their own company. They are extremely selective about who they accept as a close friend. Now this tendency actually generates from the soul’s yearning to be one with the universal energy, which is why they do not find happiness in the company of materialistic people. What we need to understand is that yogas form in our charts to serve a definite purpose in our lives. Vish Yog gives a hint that the person with it needs to focus on his/her inherent spirituality in this life and not run after pseudo pleasures of materialistic world. More he/she runs after these, more miserable the life gets. Where the soul is evolved enough to take that clue and pursue the true path, Vish Yog does not create any obstacles for them.

So what do the rest of us do to tame the effects of Vish Yog?

One remedy : Align yourself with your inherent spirituality.

We all are spiritual beings, we just take birth in this mortal world to mitigate the effects of our Karma and in the process we cleanse ourselves to be one step closer to the Almighty. If you have Vish Yog in the chart, take it for granted that the universe wants you to understand that materialistic life is untrue and is encouraging you to explore your hidden spirituality. Do your duties and get rid of all expectations from life. Devote yourself to selfless karma. Invoking spirituality does not mean that you have to leave your family who are dependent on you and seek refuge in an Ashram. Invoking spirituality means doing your duties towards everyone in the family and the society but not with the feeling ‘I am doing it ‘. Think that the Almighty is asking you to do certain things and you are merely carrying on the instructions. You carry on with your profession, but take it as a means shown by God to sustain your family. It may sound difficult but the moment you let HIM take all the charges, bow down and carry on with your duties, the ill effects of Vish Yog vanishes in thin air.

Worship Lord Shiva every day. Chant Mahamrityunjay Mantra, listen to Hanuman Chalisha and worship Saturn every Saturday to gain mental strength and peace. Read spiritual books, sing devotional songs, you will find immense mental peace and calmness to ride over the challenges that Vish Yog creates.

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