Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

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  • Astrological help for mental depression

    Astrological help for mental depression

    Today I am writing about what planetary positions indicate mental depression and how you can overcome it. I have mentioned some very practical remedies to improve depression at the end of the article. I had made a video on the same subject in May 2020. If you prefer listening to the video, click on the […]

  • 8th house Moon – How to overcome depression?

    8th house Moon – How to overcome depression?

    What is 8th house? 8th house is the house (bhava) of longevity, transformation, sexual instincts and death. It signifies the difficulties, separation and sudden upheavals that we face in our lives. It is the place for our deepest, darkest secrets. It is also the place from where we judge occurrence of accidents. Relationship wise it […]

  • Vish Yog – Do you have it in your chart?

    Vish Yog – Do you have it in your chart?

    Vish yog is formed when Moon and Saturn form mutual relations in a chart. Vish Yog is created due the following placements: Moon and Saturn are conjunct in one sign in the chart Saturn and Moon are in Mutual aspect. Saturn’s Seventh aspect on Moon is only considered here. Saturn’s 3rd and 10th aspect forms […]