Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

April 2020 Horoscope – For all 12 signs

Use these predictions as a general guideline for the month. Planetary placements in your individual horoscopes and your current Mahadasha, Antardasha periods will modify the results and the intensity of the results.
These predictions are based on your Vedic Moon sign. If you want a personalised prediction contact me through email mohanaastrology@gmail.com

If you want you can view April 2020 horoscope predictions on YouTube too. YouTube link: https://youtu.be/cqOV9wIp7ZE

In April 2020 Jupiter is debilitated in the sign of Capricorn. Please note that although there is a couple of Neech Bhanga Rajyoga, by Saturn and exalted Mars, the effect of this yoga will not be manifested so soon. Jupiter will be inclined to give results of debilitation and Mars and Saturn will create Sangharsh Yoga or the yoga for struggle for all signs. I have written in detail on the planetary energy of April 2020 in my previous article. Please do read to know more about it.

The days to be careful in general are:
30 March to 2 April 2020 – Mars and Saturn are in closest conjunction.
31 March 2020 and 1April 2020 – Moon conjoins Rahu in Ardra on 31 March and 1 April 2020.
Take utmost care of your health, emotional well-being and do not take any impulsive decision on the above dates.


Your sign lord Mars is strongly placed in the tenth house of Karma along with Saturn and Jupiter the whole month. You will feel energetic and would want to accomplish your tasks at the earliest. Mars and Saturn conjunction may create struggle, delay and frustration in achieving professional goals. Keep a check on your temper. Discipline and hard work will give good results. Try to avoid any clashes with your senior at work place. There may be some discord in the home front and confrontation or distance with the spouse. Take utmost care of your health. Financially this month is not looking great for Aries. Both Jupiter and Mercury being in debilitated sign, the business and inflow of money is restricted. Take care of your communication at home and at work. You need to keep patience and calm. Strong position of Venus in your second house will give you gains from the authorities. Your love for music will increase. You may be inclined to buy new clothes and accessories. If you are Aries ascendant you will establish yourself in the work area with hard work and structured effort. With exalted Sun in your ascendant after 14 April, your authority will increase and so will ego. You will think and work smart after 25 April. Your immunity level will also go up.


Your sign lord Venus is strongly posited in your sign which is excellent for you. Your prospects for gaining wealth, happiness and success in studies are very strong. There will be a feeling of happiness in you. You may receive adoration of the opposite gender, and even marriage proposals will be there for the suitable people. Mars in your 9th house of Capricorn conjoined with Saturn may bring obstruction in the path of success and some health issues. Take care of your finances. You may need to put in more hard work to retain your position at work. A feeling of disappointment or discomfort may be there too. Jupiter being debilitated may not be able to provide much financial and professional support this month. There may be worry related to expenditure and about your spouse and children’s health. Sun’s move into 12th house in the middle of the month is not great for you. Chances of injuries are there. Financial issues may cause sleepless nights. Mental stress and lack of peace will be there. Health issues like eye problems and digestive disorder may be there. Avoid any arguments with your spouse. Do not engage in speculative source of income and in investments. Practice meditation and offer prayers to the Almighty to gain inner peace. Your highly benefic Saturn is conjunct Exalted Mars this month. You will put in a lot of effort in your work area and in spiritual progress.


Your sign lord Mercury will enter its debilitated sign Pisces on 7 April in the Karma house. It will remain there till 25 April and then move to Aries, your 11 house of gain. If you have strong Mercury in the birth chart, the time till 25 April will see a neutral period for you. If you have debilitated or ill placed Mercury in your birth chart, you may face difficulty in your work area, financially and at home front. Mother’s health will need attention too. You will be spiritually sound. Things will change favourably for you after 25 April. You will feel much more energetic and cheerful. You will get support from your friends circle. You may have an unexplored talent which may come out during this time.
Debilitated Jupiter, exalted Mars and Saturn in your 8th house will increase expenditure, and hard work. Difficult situation will arise in the work place. Take great care of your health. Take care of your father’s and spouses’ health too. Be careful about handling any sharp objects. Avoid litigations and any discord with the family members. Sun’s transit in the 10th house and 11th house looks great for you particularly after 14 April. This will counter the financial problems you may be facing. Your social status will improve. You may get appreciation and recognition at work. Venus is your 12th house will give financial gain and unnecessary expenditure both. Take care of your valuables. You would like to live a life of comfort and luxury.


Your 7th house is very heavy with presence of debilitated Jupiter, exalted Mars and Saturn. Try to keep relations with your mother and your spouse sweet. There may be trust issues or severe difference in opinion with your business partners. Take great care of your health, both physical and mental. Deliberate carefully before taking up any new project or new business partnership this month. Some sort of mental distress may be there for you and your spouse. Married life looks disturbed. Your Venus is in excellent position in the 11th house and will act as the saviour in domestic matters and relationship with friends. It will also bring in gain for you. The time after 14 April looks better for you. There will be financial growth, increase in social status. Your health will also improve. However, during Mercury’s transit in the debilitated sign of Pisces, i.e. from 7 April to 24 April you need to take good care of finances. Relation with your father may get disturbed too. Try to gain patience and focus on work. Venus provides great support to you this month. You will get support of your friends. This Venus will not let the domestic discord go out of hands. Your social status will increase too. There will be success in your work.


Your sign lord Sun is in the 8th house till 14 April 2020 and thereafter in your 9th house for rest of the month. Second half of the month looks better than the first half for you. You should take good care of your health particularly till mid-month. You opponents will be active and may try to tarnish your image. There may be trouble with the spouse and family members. Sudden expenditure is also foreseen. Mercury in your 8th house may not be able to give great results due to its debilitation. Think twice before you take any decisions. Generally lack of wisdom will be felt in the matters of family, wealth, gain and investment. Career progress may get halted. Things will get better after 25 April. Exalted Mars and Saturn in your 6th house are positive for wealth. You will win over your competitors and opponents. Health wise also this is a good time. However, Mars and Saturn together will also increase frustration in you and you will have to struggle to accomplish goals. Debilitated Jupiter does not provide much help in luck. Take care to retain your mental peace and happiness. Venus’ position will increase disputes, hurdles, and failures. Try to keep peace in your married life.


Your sign lord Mercury will enter its debilitated sign Pisces on 7 April in your 7th house. You may face issues and opposition at the workplace. Try to keep peace in the family to avoid any discord going out of hands. There may be losses in business. If you have strong Mercury in the birth chart, the time till 25 April will see a neutral period for you. If you have debilitated or ill placed Mercury in your birth chart, you may face difficulty. Difficulties in the workplace will ease to some extent after 14 April when Sun moves to your 8th House creating Vipareet Rajyoga. However, take care of your own and your family’s health, particularly of your spouse and children. You may need to be careful about some kind of accidents. Expenses will run high this month. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn conjoins in your 5th house. Try to keep your calm, curb your stress and spending habits. Stay away from speculative sources of earning and investments. Venus provides awesome support to your luck this month. Most of your troubles will get neutralised by Venus. You inclination towards virtuous and religious activities will increase too.


Your sign lord Venus is strongly posited in your 8th house. Good month for you, Libra. Your troubles in life will reduce; there will be financial gains and happiness. You may come across an attractive and wealthy partner, particularly if you are a male. You may think of purchasing a house. Your Sun’s position is excellent till 14 April. If you are suffering from any ailment, your health will recover before 14 April. You will prevail over your enemies and your overall fortune will increase. After 14 April you may face troubles in your workplace. Loss of health and wealth will worry you. Debilitated Mercury in your 6th house will not be able to give its positive results leading to reduced luck factor. You may need to put in much more effort to take the right initiatives for your endeavors. Mars, debilitated Jupiter and Saturn in your 4th house may bring obstacles in life. There will be increase in enemies. Take care of your mother’s health. Try to maintain cordiality in the home atmosphere. You need to get a grip on your expenses too. It is better to stay away from any property related matters this month. Be careful of accidents, conflicts and unnecessary arguments. Try to develop patience and calmness of mind to overcome this situation.


Your sign lord Mars is posited in the 3rd house with debilitated Jupiter and Saturn in April 2020. This energy brings overall positivity for you. Your courage, stamina and health are likely to remain positive. However, do not neglect any small sign of sickness. You will prevail over your enemies. This month will enrich you with a new perspective of life; you will realise what exactly you need to do. However, financial side does not look great. There may be some problems in your job. You may look for a new job or start a new venture of your own. Take care to maintain good relation with your friends and siblings. Time after 14 April looks particularly positive. The troubles that you were facing with the authorities and regarding health, job, loans, litigation etc. will fade. There will be rise in fortune. Take care of ailments of private parts and reproductive systems. Conflict in the married life may increase. Expenses will be high. Be careful of a female co-worker at your work place. You may get support or recognition from the authorities or the Government.


Your sign lord Jupiter is debilitated from this month and it is placed with Saturn and Mars in your second house of family and savings. You may not feel your best. You need to go extra miles to harvest the positivity of Jupiter. Take extra care of what you say. Your workload and temper both will rise. There may be health related issues. Take care of your valuables and wealth. Be careful of wicked people and enemies. Venus is transiting your 6th house; the home atmosphere may be disturbed. Your spouse may feel distressed and may have health issues. Your own mind will be full of fear of disease. Expenses will shoot up as well. There will be less mental peace. It is best not to get into a conflict with the seniors at the work place. Your social status and image needs attention. Avoid conflicts with your mother in the first part of the month. Take care of your spouse and children in the second half of the month. There may be some issues with authorities or the government.


Your sign is crowed with a lot of heavy energy. Presence of Saturn in your moon sign denotes you are experiencing peak of Sadedati. Along with it now you have debilitated Jupiter and exalted Mars posited in your sign. You need to take care of your health, mental stress and finances. Stay clear of any arguments and do not lose your temper. You may also need to put more efforts in your spiritual pursuits. There may be some worry and expenses related to health, competition and work. Take care of your mother’s health and try to maintain good relation with your mother. Career wise this is a good month though there may be ups and downs in the career. The first half of the month looks more positive than the second half. Domestic turbulence may be there too. Stay away from any immoral work. There may be a scope to gain from speculation. You will plan well and execute well. You will gain admiration of people. Children will bring you happiness.


Your sign lord Saturn is placed in your 12th house along with Jupiter and Mars. Your expenditure will increase this month, but you are likely to spend on spiritual and humanitarian causes. There may be some trouble in business. Health wise this is not a great month. There may be mental worries and lack of sleep too. Solitude and spirituality will bring peace in your mind. Stay away from any illegal and immoral activities. It is best to keep a check on your temper and speech in the first half of the month. Financially the second half of the month is more positive than the first half. You will win over your enemies too. Venus being your Yogakaraka planet is very well placed this month. There will be happiness at home. You will gain wealth and property. Your relation with your spouse and children also improves. Mercury being debilitated will give neutral results. Do not invest now. There may be some concern about the health of your siblings.


Your sign lord Jupiter is in the 11th house with Mars and Saturn the whole month. However, Jupiter is in debilitation. You can expect name, fame and increase in social status in moderation. Saturn and Mars give you financial gains and rise in luck. You will have good relation with your spouse. You will be one step ahead of your competitors. Sun’s transit will keep you busy with your health and money matters. You may face difficulties in your work place. Keep a check on your temper and words and be sweet with your family members, otherwise there may be losses for you. Debilitated Mercury may give some financial issues. Avoid company of bad people at all costs. There will be high expenditure. Powerful Venus may give prosperity, authority and power if you put in enough effort in work. Time is good for your siblings. There may be some gain from inheritance or insurance. You may gain from your spouse’s family.

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