Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Fast Mercury transiting Aries & Taurus – Caution!

Mercury, the prince of the zodiac, is on a Rashi-hopping spree these days. He is too restless and too eager to finally land in his own sign of Gemini where Rahu is waiting to greet him.

Mercury spent about 18 days in its debilitated sign Pisces, then is about to move to fiery Aries on 25 April and will stay there for only 15 days. It will then move to calm Taurus and spend about another 16 days there. Finally on 25 May it will go to its own sign Gemini where Rahu is sitting currently.

Mercury will stay in Gemini for more than two months and will also go retrograde there. It looks like this year Mercury does not like any other sign other than his own! Mercury is anyway a fast moving planet, but this time the prince of the zodiac is definitely playing ‘Catch me if you can’!

Astrologically speaking this is called ‘Atichari’ motion or super-fast motion. This is an unusual movement of planets. When planets move so fast, they cannot yield their full results in each zodiac sign. It creates confusion in people’s life because of fast changes in energy patterns; even before people can utilise one energy, and manifest it in life, the planet goes to the next sign exuding a different kind of energy.

Effect of Mercury’s transit in Aries:

(Between 25 April and 9 May 2020)
While Mercury will transit in Aries it will meet Sun there. Mercury will be combust during the entire transit. 4 May is a particular date to be careful because on 4th May Mercury and Sun both are in 20 degree Aries causing complete combustion of Mercury. Combust Mercury is not great for general intellect and is unable to give its results because of the Sun which signifies the authority figures, the government. This signifies that there may be situations when the authority figures or the Government will implement some rules and regulations, but the general intellect of people will not be able to accept and process those in right light.

One thing to note here is Aries is a Mars sign and Mercury here is also being aspected by Mars. As a result there will be rise in aggression and directness in communication.
There will also be some impulsiveness due to the effect of Mars; there will be a tendency to jump to the conclusions
Differences in opinion or communication with business partners and spouse may be there
People will engage more in debates and arguments
Trade and business will suffer because of fast running Mercury.

Effect of Mercury’s transit in Taurus:

(Between 9 May and 25 May 2020)
This transit is better than the previous one. However, since the duration of this transit is very less, the goodness may not get a chance to manifest. Secondly, Mercury in Taurus is also aspected by transit Mars.

During Mercury’s transit in Taurus money related situation will improve a bit.
People will look for financial security and stability in life.
Communication will be practical, way more polite than the Aries phase, but Mars’ aspect may create some harshness in the way people talk or write.
There will be more organised ways of working, at the same time people will try to finish their tasks and expect results instantly.

There is one thing that is not so great during Mercury’s transit in Taurus and that is there will be some fixation in opinions. Everybody will think that their way is the only way and the best way to get things done.

It will also not be out of the place to mention that with three major planets Venus, Jupiter and Saturn (also Pluto as per Western astrology) going retrograde during this time, it will be a time to be worried about warped perception, wrong judgement and world peace. Therefore it is best to exercise some self-restraint and be flexible to other’s views.

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