Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

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  • Mercury debilitated in Pisces: 01 April – 16 April 2021

    April started and Mercury moved to Pisces and got debilitated there. It is going to stay in Pisces for next 15 days. While it stays in Pieces, Mercury is also accompanied by Sun and Venus. Mercury is combust during the entire stay in Pisces. Theoretically Venus should cancel Mercury’s debilitation till the time he is […]

  • Astrological help for mental depression

    Astrological help for mental depression

    Today I am writing about what planetary positions indicate mental depression and how you can overcome it. I have mentioned some very practical remedies to improve depression at the end of the article. I had made a video on the same subject in May 2020. If you prefer listening to the video, click on the […]

  • Fast Mercury transiting  Aries & Taurus – Caution!

    Fast Mercury transiting Aries & Taurus – Caution!

    Mercury, the prince of the zodiac, is on a Rashi-hopping spree these days. He is too restless and too eager to finally land in his own sign of Gemini where Rahu is waiting to greet him. Mercury spent about 18 days in its debilitated sign Pisces, then is about to move to fiery Aries on […]