Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Mercury debilitated in Pisces: 01 April – 16 April 2021

April started and Mercury moved to Pisces and got debilitated there. It is going to stay in Pisces for next 15 days. While it stays in Pieces, Mercury is also accompanied by Sun and Venus. Mercury is combust during the entire stay in Pisces.

Theoretically Venus should cancel Mercury’s debilitation till the time he is in Pisces i.e. till 10 April. But practically how powerful is this Venus? It is exalted but combust. Saturn from Capricorn is not only aspecting Mercury but also Venus and Sun in Pisces. So although Venus wants to provide full support to Mercury, it cannot. So this Mercury is debilitated, combust, under Saturn’s third aspect and not really getting great power from Venus to cancel the debilitation. Again cancelling debilitation does not mean that the weakness of debilitation is removed; it rather means that Mercury gets some support to overcome its weakness to some extent. However, some support from Venus is still better than no support at all.

Watch the video on Mercury’s debilitation on the YouTube channel of Mohana Astrology: https://youtu.be/laBdwUWeC1Y

We need to take care after 10 April when Venus moves to Aries and Mercury loses its support from Venus. So the more vulnerable period will be 10 – 16 April, particularly the last two days when Mercury will be crossing over Pisces-Aries Gandanta degrees.

Mercury is your analytical mind, your intelligence, your communication, number crunching ability, your business sense, everything that you need to successfully interact with the materialistic world. Pisces is a sign of spirituality, creativity, fluidity of thoughts, imagination, intuition and universal love. Pisces and Mercury are two completely different energies. That is why Mercury cannot work well in Pisces and gets debilitated there.
We know that Mercury owns the natural 3rd and 6th house, both are malefic houses, particularly the 6th house. So which areas of our lives are going to get affected due to this debilitation? Assessment from the natural chart or Kaalpurush chart tells us that communication, short travel, new initiatives, relationship with the siblings and friends, services, daily discipline and routine are likely to get disrupted for the next 15 days. Finance, trade, business, analytical skills, practical and intelligent thinking will also see some low points.

Since the natural lord of the diseases, loan and enmity is in the natural 12th house and is debilitated. Now in practical life that may mean that your loan application will not get approved during this time. Some of your enemies will temporarily retreat or will hide. You may also pay back some previous loans. Household expenses will rise. Diseases may get undiagnosed during this time. This is a wonderful time for imaginative writers like science fiction writers and poets.

What you should do and should avoid doing during this debilitation of Mercury? This is a general guide.

  1. Avoid taking any important business and finance related decision. It is better not to begin any new project, new business or open a new back account related to your business during this time
  2. Take extreme care of your communication. It is highly likely that you say or mean something, but the other person takes it differently. It happens because during Mercury’s debilitation our perception, clarity of thoughts dip and application of common sense also reduces.
  3. Try to maintain good relation with your siblings, particularly sisters, neighbours and friends
  4. Think twice before changing your job, transit-wise this is not a great time for that.
  5. Avoid travel, air travel particularly unless it is very urgent.
  6. If you can, recite or listen to Vishnu Sahasranama.

If you want to know what April holds for all the ascendants, you can click on this link to watch the video om YouTube: https://youtu.be/KgULiHQ5bJI



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