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December 2021 Horoscope for all Moon Signs

I am going to discuss the Vedic horoscope for December 2021 as per Moon signs and also the results of the upcoming solar eclipse on 4th December. Let us first see the positions of the planets in the sky in December. All dates are as per Indian Standard Time.

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In the beginning of December the 8th house of the Kalpurush chart has Mercury, Sun and Ketu all three in Anuradha nakshatra. Moon is in the 7th house in Libra with Mars. Then on 4th solar eclipse takes place in Scorpio. This solar eclipse is taking place in the natural 8th house, and the eclipse is being caused by Ketu. Sun will be in Jyeshtha Nakshatra, a Mercury nakshatra. An eclipse in the 8th house is not considered very good but it also has an underlying spiritual energy. If you can harness this energy by meditation, prayers etc. it will help you in your life path. On 5th December Mars will move to Scorpio, the 8th house. So, one more planet gets added to the 8th house. Mars and Ketu remains in Scorpio till 31 December. Mars and Ketu are at exact conjunction on 14th December. Mercury leaves Scorpio on 10th December and moves to Sagittarius. Then on 29th December moves to Capricorn. Mercury is combust between 5th December and 24th December. Sun goes to Sagittarius on 16th December. Sun and Mercury will be crossing Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta. Saturn is powerfully placed in Capricorn, Jupiter is also now stronger and happier in Aquarius and Rahu of course is in Taurus. Mars and Saturn will aspect each other as long as Mars is in Libra. When Mars moves to Scorpio, Mars will aspect Jupiter and Rahu. A lot is happening with Venus. Venus leaves Sagittarius on 8th December and is going to Capricorn. There he turns retrograde on 19th and coming back to Sagittarius on 30th December. This month all planets are coming within Rahu-Ketu axis creating KaalSarpa energy from 10th December. Moon will break this energy every fortnight.
If we see the overall energy of the month, the first thing that draws our attention is a highly active natural 8th house throughout the month. I guess you can feel the volatile energy of planets in December, I need not say much, but it will be better to be a bit careful and safe.

Please note that I have also taken into account the results the solar eclipse for each sign in these predictions. I am seeing possibilities of injuries or health issues for quite a few Moon signs this month. Now when I speak about injuries, it is not necessarily something awful. I have found in my own experiences that there may be some cuts and wounds or perhaps a minor surgery that you had planned earlier may take place. It is very important to check with the promises of your currently running dashas to understand whether anything severe lies ahead or not. As always use these predictions as a general guideline for the month and remember that your current Mahadasha, Antardasha and your karmic footprint are the most important factors in getting results from the planets in transit.

Know about the important dates of December 2021 and plan your month accordingly. Here is the link to the article: https://mohanaastrology.com/2021/12/01/astrologically-important-dates-of-december-2021/

December 2021 Prediction for all moon signs

Aries moon sign:
In December your sign lord Mars will move to the 8th house on 5th and will be conjunct with Ketu, Mercury and Sun; that is a lot of planets in the 8th house. The solar eclipse is happening in your 8th house. The energy of solar eclipse is highly transformative for you. It also indicates regeneration after you deal with the disruptions. There may be some unexpected changes related to money, joint finances, taxes or married life, not only this month, but for a few months going forward. This solar eclipse has a highly spiritual awakening vibe for you. If you are on spiritual path, you will know what I mean by this. This whole month you need to be careful about your health and well-being. Chances of getting injured lies too. Jupiter, in spite of getting obstruction, is providing you some support in December. Being in the 11th house, Jupiter is going to ease a lot of marital tension, but this month most of the planets are exuding hostile energy, so be a bit careful and try to maintain good relation with your spouse and business partners. Mercury brings positivity in 8th house transit, but this month Mercury is highly afflicted. However, you may expect some progress in career and income opportunities in the first one week and also in the last couple of days of the month. As the expenses will be high, some unexpected gains may also be there. Try to avoid legal issues this month. You may plan a travel with friends and relatives and this will be enjoyable.

Taurus moon sign:
The whole month Venus is placed wonderfully for you. After 8th Venus is moving to your 9th house but suffers from some affliction from Saturn and from 19th he is going retrograde. Nevertheless, it is a very good transit of Venus for you. You may gain property and vehicles or there may be gain from these. Spouse’s success will also enrich you. Financially this month will be good. Some gains from the government or authorities are foreseen for some of you. There can be opportunities for attending a joyful or auspicious event. Your inclinations towards good deeds will increase and these can bring you good name as well. The solar eclipse is taking place in your 7th house. This solar eclipse can bring out issues that you need to address in your partnership area, be it personal or professional. This can impact your dealings with the public. It can also create circumstances where you may need to move in the next few months from where you are currently living, for professional reasons or otherwise. New partnerships can also come in. Whether it is solar eclipse or clustering of so many malefic planets in your 7th house, this area of your life will be the focus area in December. Marriage and relationship with the spouse will need calm approach. Spouse’s health may also cause concern. Your own health issues can trouble you, so do not ignore any discomfort. Be a bit careful about injuries and accidents as well. Income will be there, but expenses will also be high.

Gemini moon sign:
The month begins with your sign lord Mercury being in your 6th house in Scorpio and at the end of the month he is in your 8th house. Mercury remains combust between 5th December and 24th December. The solar eclipse is happening in your 6th house and Mercury is a part of this eclipse. This can indicate some issues forming in the job area. Competition can increase and you may need to work harder to succeed. However, other planets are indicating that you will overcome all opposition and hurdles and succeed in your work. You will get help or good recommendation from your seniors. There will be good income opportunities as well. Your investments are likely to give good returns. Your might will increase, but keep a check on the anger and aggression particularly on 9th and 10th December. Maintain cordial relation with others. For some of you there can be health issues like stomach related problems, particularly since Saturn is in the 8th house. Interestingly some Gemini Moon signs will come out from the illness they have been suffering for long. Jupiter is providing excellent support and much needed relief to you in December. Therefore overall, your decision making ability will be very sound and the decisions you would take will help you to progress in life. Property matters will be beneficial for you. For some of you travel, even foreign travel can be there. If you are going for higher education this is a good time for that. Possibility of marriage is there for the right people this month. Some religious activity may take place at home. Your children will do well. Some of you may also expect a child during this time.

Cancer Moon sign:
The solar eclipse is happening in your 5th house. Be slightly careful with your investments, education, children’s health and romantic relations. Rahu is well placed in your 11th house, but several malefics are aspecting Rahu. It is not the best time for investments. If you have speculative investments, there may be some setbacks in this area. Differences with the friends can crop up. Some of you will do well financially and this will be a very good time for spiritual practices or Mantra sadhna for all Cancer Moon signs. Matters related to children can bother you this month. Your health can cause problems in the first half of the month, but in the second half there will be recovery and good health. If you have heart related issues, you need to be a bit careful. In the second half your income and job situation improves. Business people will also do well. Some tension related to finances and your children can cloud your mind once Mars moves to your 5th house on 5th of December. Expenses will increase. Try to curb unnecessary expenses particularly on lifestyle maintenance and luxury purchases. Try to stay away from any lawsuits and conflicts this month. Try to avoid any altercations with the family members and your spouse, maintain cordiality. Spouse’s health may also cause concern. There are chances of travel. If you are travelling you need to be a bit more careful. Drive carefully as well. Try to calm your mind by meditation or prayers.

Leo moon sign:
Your sign lord Sun is getting eclipsed on 4th December in your 4th house. If you are thinking of dealing with property matters, my suggestion will be to wait a bit more. It will be best not to go for any property related matters in the first half of this month. The second half on the other hand looks alright for this. In general you may feel a bit restless and agitated. Take care of parent’s health. Professionally, there will be potential for several opportunities, but it will take time for anything to materialise. There will be additional responsibility and workload in the first half of the month. Jupiter and Saturn are providing very good support to you this month. The combined effects of these two planets can actually bring a lot of positivity in all areas of life this month and in the next few months. However, you need to put in more effort to achieve success in work and studies. There are too many malefics in your 4th and 5th house. Do not ignore any discomfort related to heart, stomach and chest area. Be careful of injuries too. Domestic peace, relationship with the spouse may be severely impacted this month. Take care of your differences with your children too. In the middle of the month Sun is crossing over Scorpio Sagittarius Gandanta, let these few days pass and keep your calm. If you are in a romantic relation the first week looks very good, but thereafter some differences may crop up. Try to avoid travel this month.

Virgo moon sign:
Your sign lord Mercury leaves your 3rd house, Scorpio on 10th December and moves to 4th house; then on 29th December moves to the 5th house. Mercury remains combust between 5th and 24th December. The solar eclipse is happening in your 3rd house and Mercury becomes a part of it. The eclipse itself is not that bad for you. It can mean regeneration for you. However, some of you may experience some trouble in your relation with the siblings or friends. Father’s health may also need attention. There can be tension or a feeling of restlessness in the second half. Domestic environment will also need some TLC. Try to avoid communication gaps. There may be some concerns related to authorities, government, business etc. till 10th. Thereafter you can expect professional growth, new opportunities and income for you. However it would be best to keep the expectations a bit low this month particularly because Jupiter is not in the great position for you. If you want to succeed in competitions, examinations or in your work, be ready to put in more effort. Try to avoid all kinds of conflicts, litigations etc. Be careful of your health. Your health will be good after the first week. If you have been suffering from any chronic disease, you will come out of it. Some of you can expect romance and good times with friends. Try to avoid the Venus retrograde period to commit anything. Financially good income will be there, but be careful of speculative investments. There can be some loss of savings this month.

Libra moon sign:
This month the most helpful planet is your own sign lord Venus. Venus is placed very well in your 3rd and 4th house. After 8th Venus suffers from some affliction from Saturn and from 19th he is going retrograde. Nevertheless the promise for financial growth, increase in social status, and spending good times with friends remains there. You will have good time, but not an indulgent time. Property matters can bring benefits but will get a bit delayed as well. You may buy a vehicle. The solar eclipse is happening in your 2nd house. This can impact cordiality with the family members. Financial matters will come to the forefront and will need attention. Be careful of what you say to others and how you say it. Sun is going to give very good results after the mid-month. It will bring possibilities of new work, promotion or increment for the right people. You will win in competitions and shine over all oppositions. Your temper may go up after the 5th. Try to be cordial in relationships and do not use harsh language while communicating with others. Be careful of injuries and other health issues. Jupiter is placed very well but receives obstruction. Therefore matters related to investment, earnings from speculation, love and children will be positive, but they may not give full results. Saturn is in your 4th house, but now Venus is joining Saturn. So relationship with your mother will improve. Some home improvement projects will be good this month. Overall this looks like a good month for Libra Moon signs.

Scorpio moon sign
In December your sign lord Mars will move to your sign on 5th and will be conjunct with Ketu, Mercury and Sun. The solar eclipse is taking place in your sign. This month a lot is going on for Scorpio Moon signs. The energy of the solar eclipse and other planets can create mental tension and emotional outbursts. If you are married, you need to take care of your relation with your spouse. Your own health and your spouse’s health will also need attention. Mercury can bring income opportunities for you after 10th. Your ability to communicate with others effectively will bring you professional gains. Venus also promises prosperity and rise in status, but these will come to you only if you are willing to put in some additional effort and have patience. Indications of financial troubles are there too. High expenditure can add to your stress. If you are in business, there can be some ups and downs there too. Saturn in the 3rd house is providing you with much needed confidence and fighting spirit to keep you energised. It is of paramount importance that you keep your calm and keep a check on the temper and words this month. Try to postpone travel plans this month. Some health issues related to blood pressure, eyes and stress can trouble you.

Sagittarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Jupiter is now in your 3rd house. This can throw some challenges your way in terms of work and finance. Marriage possibilities are there for some of you. If you are considering marriage avoid the period between 19 December and 30th December when Venus goes retrograde. Several planets in your 12th house this month can cause high expenditure, health issues and anxiety. Try to curb the unnecessary expenses. The solar eclipse is happening in your 12th house. This calls for some carefulness regarding your health. Hospitalisation cannot be ruled out as well for some of you. You father’s health may also cause concern. Unexpected expenses may be there. Some of you need to be careful regarding dealings in Government matters or in the matters legalities, loans etc. Be careful of people with malicious intent. Try to maintain good relation with the spouse and other relatives as well. Travel opportunities can be there to religious places, but be aware of some difficulties in the journey too. Spiritually this is a wonderful time. Actually resorting to spirituality and meditation or prayers can alleviate a lot of the negative energies this month. Transits come and go, results also change, you are by nature an optimistic person, therefore, keep your optimism up and let this month pass without trying to change things much.

Capricorn moon sign:
Your moon sign lord Saturn is on your sign creating peak of Sadesati for you. The solar eclipse is taking place in your 11th house. This eclipse can actually open up new income avenues for you. Other planets are also indicating the same for you. Some of you may experience issues with your friends. Children related matters can also bother you. Many of the planets are in good position for you in December, but many of them are also getting obstructions to give full results. Venus and Ketu are providing unconditional support to you. A trip to a foreign country is on the cards for some of you. You will spend some good time with the opposite gender and have an indulgent lifestyle. Be careful of possibility of theft in the first week of the month. If you are looking for marriage the time till 18th looks good. Thereafter Venus is going retrograde, so try to avoid finalising marriage or getting married after 19th. You can always plan for it next month. Ketu can facilitate property related matters in your favour. You children may get married if they are of marriageable age, however, suggest you to avoid the Venus’s retrogression phase for these kinds of auspicious events. The second half of the month can give you some mental stress and tension because financial issues. Investments may not give great returns. Your spirituality will also rise.

Aquarius moon sign:
Your sign lord Saturn is in your 12th house. The solar eclipse is taking place in your 10th house. This eclipse can bring positive changes in career matters for you. It can also take you abroad. For some of you a promotion or increase in salary is on the cards. Your social recognition increases too. Finances look good this month. If you are in business, some of the planets promise growth and success. Mars can bring some obstructions or disappointments in your path of success for some of you. However, you will overcome all issues and do well in career. Regarding health, be a bit careful this month. If you are looking for a romantic partner, there are chances that you will find one. Some of your friends or relatives will be helpful to you this month. A bit of tension or lack of mental satisfaction will be there for you. Try to stay away from arguments with others. Venus is supporting you beautifully this month. Your social status, finances, relation with friends and relatives all look good. After 8th when Venus moves to your 12th house, you will see improvements in your conjugal relations. Money matters will also improve. There are chances of going for a long travel, may be to a foreign land. However, there will be some wasteful expenditure on travel, entertainment and on luxury items. Although the chance of travel is indicated, think carefully before you travel considering the current situation of diseases. This is a very good time for spirituality.

Pisces moon signs:
Your sign lord Jupiter is placed in your 12th house. This is a sign that you should spend some time alone and connect with your inner self through meditation or prayers. Excessive expenditure can be there too; however these will be for good causes and may be for charity. The solar eclipse is happening in your 9th house. This will bring changes in your prosperity and belief system in the next few months. Father’s health or relation with him can cause concern too. It would be better to shelve travel plans this month. The second half of the month looks promising. Quite a few planets are actually supporting you this month after the first week. Mars can bring health related issues, lack of energy and some worries related to injuries. Otherwise the month looks very good for you. Professionally you will do well. You will do better than your competitors and there will be good career growth through promotions or increments for some. You will work hard and also enjoy what you are doing. Your respect and social status will also increase. Your friend’s circle will be helpful and you will enjoy good time with them. If you have invested cautiously, those investments will give good returns, but there may be some disappointments in speculative investments. Married life looks good. Opportunities for travel may be there, but it would be better to postpone it.



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