Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Astrologically important dates of December 2021

Further to my previous post on December 2021 Horoscope predictions I would like to jot down a few dates that are astrologically important in December. These are:

4th December – the day of the solar eclipse; not that everything will go topsy-turvy on this date, but it is new Moon day, Chandrashtama i.e. Moon in the 8th house in the natural chart and Ketu is there too. So, deep, dark emotions can bother some people. On the other hand it is also a highly spiritual time, the eclipse is happening in the natural 8th house of transformation and spiritual awakening, so utilise this energy by doing meditation and prayers. Other than spirituality, this eclipse in the 8th house has the potential to bring heavy transformations in all of our lives going forward. Note that the impact of the solar eclipse is felt long term till the next solar eclipse and it majorly impacts the natural global energies, political energies, brings changes the outside world and that’s how it impacts individual lives. We then feel the transformations in the matters of the houses where the eclipse took place on your individual charts. Check results of the solar eclipse for each Moon sign in the Moon sign wise predictions which I posted a couple of days ago.

5th to 10th December – Sun, Mars, Mercury and Ketu all will be in Scorpio. Chances of sudden natural calamities, accidents related to fire, water, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc. and infectious diseases, it is anyway increasing anyway, some man made disasters cannot be ruled out. On 9th and 10th December Mercury will be crossing Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta; keep a check on your communication and do not let aggression cloud your intellect and decisions. KaalSarpa energy activates from 10th December for a few months.

14 – 17 December and a few days before and after – Mars and Ketu form exact conjunction, and Sun crosses Gandanta; again too much of fire energy in a watery sign, it is an explosive energy. People in general need to be restrained and remain calm in their actions. Some natural and man made disasters and possibility of accidents cannot be ruled out too.

19th December onward – Try to avoid auspicious ceremonies like marriage or romantic commitments once Venus goes retrograde on 19th. The last day of the month will need attention.

Have a calm and safe December 2021! Planets are repeatedly indicating that letting go of the lower vibrations of life and attuning ourselves with the divine wishes are the best way to live now and in the coming years.





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  1. Abhishek Raye Avatar
    Abhishek Raye

    When will the planetary positions be good again?


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