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Astrological help for mental depression

Today I am writing about what planetary positions indicate mental depression and how you can overcome it. I have mentioned some very practical remedies to improve depression at the end of the article. I had made a video on the same subject in May 2020. If you prefer listening to the video, click on the link below to view it on YouTube.

Video link: Pandemic Blues: Astrological remedies to overcome mental depression; Do not miss it!

First as astrologers, we need to understand what depression is. We often confuse stress and anxiety with depression. For example you lost your job; you do not know what to do next, you are anxious, stressed for some weeks or even for months. When you got another job you became perfectly okay, and then you tell your friends that how depressed you were when you lost the job. This was not depression; you were just feeling low, caused by mental stress, anxiety and uncertainty. The cause is removed and the feeling of low is also gone.

On the other hand if you lost your job you felt that your world suddenly crumbled, you gradually get withdrawn, start feeling worthless and there comes a time when you even stop making efforts to get another job. This is depression. When it comes to depression, there may or may not be a cause to trigger it. Even when the cause is removed the mental condition does not improve.

So how do we know from the birth chart that if you are prone to mental depression?
The planets that control our mind and intellect are Moon and Mercury. Moon controls our feelings and Mercury rules over our nervous system. Depression comes when these two planets, are afflicted in the chart. A weak Moon or a Moon that is placed in the malefic houses like 6, 8 or 12 is more prone to depression.

Normally when Moon is in the same house with Saturn, Rahu or Ketu it shows tendency towards mental agony and depression.
However, I have found in my experience that just Moon Saturn combination alone cannot give depression. It will make you very restricted in expressing your feelings. I had made a video on Moon Saturn combination a couple of months ago. You can see that video to know the results of this combination. Video Link: Moon Saturn Conjunction in the birth chart.
Anyway, in short, a strong Moon with Saturn gives less imagination and a lot of practicality in thoughts. Where the chart supports, it can even make you truly detached from the materialistic world. Moon has to be really weak and placed in malefic houses like 6, 8 or 12, to create depression when conjunct with Saturn. Secondly, there has to be another malefic influence like Rahu or Ketu’s influence on this combination to cause depression.

When Rahu and Ketu are sitting alongside Moon or Mercury in your birth chart, it surely shows an increased chance of mental health problems. The depression can take a really bad shape if both Moon and Mercury are afflicted. Say for example Moon is in the 8th house and Mercury and Rahu together are sitting in the 12th house; Or Moon and Ketu are conjunct in the 7th house and Mercury is placed in 9th house.

There can be several other placements as well. We also see the strength of the ascendant to determine if you can overcome this condition.

If you have these placements in your chart, what can you do to overcome this? There are many remedies like puja, havan for Moon, Mercury, chanting mantra to pacify Rahu, Ketu or Saturn etc. If you can do these please do, those will definitely work. Here I shall explain some easy to follow everyday remedies that can help you to overcome depression. You need to do them regularly to get result.

  1. Strengthen your Moon by worshipping Lord Shiva.
  2. Meditate every day, start with 5 minutes’ meditation, and increase slowly.
  3. Go out in the evening and look at the Moon. Be in the moonlight to increase the strength and positivity of your Moon. This stabilises mind. It works just like the way we do Surya Pranam in the early morning.
  4. Take shower every day and do it in the morning.
  5. Respect women.
  6. Strengthen your Mercury by worshipping Lord Krishna.
  7. Eat green leafy vegetables.
  8. Grow plants and care for plants
  9. To pacify Rahu and Ketu, never hurt any animal, particularly dogs. If possible, care for dogs.
  10. Use the essence of sandalwood
  11. For Saturn, care for unprivileged people, respect elderly persons.
  12. Bring in discipline in life.

Lastly I am not an astrologer who would ask you to do remedies only and not have the required medication. So, have your medication regularly. However, one thing I can promise you that with the above remedies your recovery will be much faster and when you will be off medication, there will be way less chance of getting a relapse and life will be much easier to live.



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