Jyotish is supposed to show us the path of our life; it is not meant for twisting the path as per our desires.

Planetary analysis of COVID-19 and imminent global recession

We all are part of the cosmic energy and matters (literally, not from philosophical angle). Energies create either congenial or deterrent atmosphere for certain events that happens in our lives and worldwide.

While I was analysing the placement of planets for the month of March 2020, for March 2020 forecast, I noticed a few common factors that were relevant for almost all the zodiac signs or Rashis.

  1. Health issues or accidents
  2. Trouble during travel or travel plans going wrong
  3. Increase in anxiety, depressive tendency of mind
  4. Eruption of violence
  5. Financial problems

Since I do not like to spread negativity and panic, I just gave a hint of these in my website, in the article that I posted about the general planetary energy of March 2020.

Now let us see what actually has happened in March 2020, so far.
When Mars joined Ketu in Sagittarius in the Rahu-Ketu axis, the atmosphere for contagious and not heard before infectious disease was formed impacting lives of the mass; the outcome being spread of Corona virus or COVID-19. What got overshadowed by Corona is sporadic spread of other infectious diseases like Cholera and Chickenpox in some parts of the country.
Retrograde Mercury added to the travel chaos it also caused stagnation in career path. My own travel plans got completely topsy-turvy. Kaalsarpa Yoga is formed for the entire month. On mundane level this has caused a feeling of being trapped, mental anguish and unrest in people. Move of Saturn to Capricorn stagnated movement of people.
When Moon joined Rahu in Gemini on 4 March 2020, in Ardra Nakshatra, aspected by two malefics, Mars and Ketu, I know quite a few people, particularly with affliction of Moon in the birth chart by Rahu and Gemini moon signs, went through sudden bouts of severe depression, some even thought of or tried to end lives. This energy started impacting the minds a day before 4 March.

When Jupiter will join Saturn in its debilitated sign of Capricorn on 30 this month, things will ease a bit but Mars will also be there; therefore we will see lot of frustration shimmering in people. There may be more casualties, accidents and anxiety. The biggest thing of Jupiter in Capricorn is collapse of economy which we are already seeing. People with monetary discipline will get on but the ones, who feel money is their privilege, will see hard times. This also denotes tough time for the authorities and the Government .

One needs to be cautious after 21 March 2020.





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